Why Should I Become an AMSEA Member?

Your membership support helps ensure that commercial fishermen and other mariners will have access to training in skills that save lives in emergencies at sea. Here are some comments from commercial fishermen that attended AMSEA marine safety trainings:


“I’m way more prepared, now.”


“I will always wear my PFD.”


“I will know what to do in an emergency.”


But, this is our favorite comment by far:


“The training saved my three crewmembers’ lives after our boat caught fire and we evacuated in our life raft.”

AMSEA prepares mariners to survive emergencies at sea. Commercial fishing is one of the most hazardous occupations in the USA. Since 1985, our goal has been to reduce drowning rates within Alaska and in commercial fisheries across the nation. Safety education gives people a tool in the drawer that allows many to return safely to family, friends and community.

AMSEA’s Commercial Fishing Training Program has helped reverse fisheries related drownings by training over 18,000 mariners in the use of survival equipment and emergency procedures. Over the past five years, 86 AMSEA trained fishermen reported surviving an emergency at sea. Your financial contribution helps to keep our USCG-accepted training going and help mariners survive accidents at sea.

Won’t you help save lives by becoming an AMSEA member today?

The large majority of fishermen who have completed AMSEA training plan to focus on risk prevention and intend to practice on-going safety drills. We hope you will become a member today.  With your support we can continue to make a positive impact in marine safety through national training.

Click here to open our secure, online membership form. Thank you for your support!

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