Kannad Marine has issued a voluntary recall of the SAFELINK Manual+ GPS, model number K1202311 and the SAFELINK Auto GPS EPRIB, model K1202367. The plastic body of the SAFELINK EPRIRBs may prematurely age under certain environmental conditions, potentially causing the device to fail when used in an emergency. The U.S. Coast Guard strongly recommends that "...all owners and users of the Kannad SAFELINK EPIRBs seek replacement devices as soon as possible and NOT to use it as a primary Search and Rescue beacon onboard your vessel." Marine Safety Alert (03-16) contains the information you need to identify the affected EPIRB models, as well as the recall notice from Kannad Marine. Download Marine

USCG Issues Safety Alert on Auxiliary Electrical Generator Wiring

Whether a vessel is built for work or pleasure, it’s nearly certain that it will carry an auxiliary electrical generator as soon as the owner can justify the space and expense. With that in mind, the U.S. Coast Guard ‘s recent Safety Alert (02-16) will be of interest to vessel owners and operators that are operating or considering the installation of a genset. Recently, a towboat suffered a temporary loss of electrical power when the insulation on the primary leads of a diesel-powered generator chafed through, causing a short circuit and tripping a circuit breaker. The chafing occurred where the wires exit the generator housing. The cause was vibration resulting from the operation of the gen

PFDs for Commercial Fishermen?

Falling off the boat remains the leading cause of work-related deaths among commercial fishermen. Still, wearing a personal flotation device (PFD) while working has always been a tough sell. Many fishermen consider wearing a PFD on-deck to be uncomfortable at best and in the worst case, a potential hazard. Yet, we know that wearing a PFD greatly improves the odds of surviving a fall overboard. How can we get to “yes” with commercial fishermen on wearing PFDs? The graph above shows that too many fishermen are willing to take their chances when it comes to falling overboard. Maybe this will help. In a 2012 study by NIOSH, 200 commercial fishermen from four different gear groups evaluated six m

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