USCG Bar Crossing Hazards Reminder

The U.S. Coast Guard issued a Marine Safety Information Bulletin this month, reminding mariners of the hazards when crossing bars in the Pacific Northwest. MSIB Number: 01-20 contains information about bar closures and restrictions, night time bar operations, and rough bar escorts. In addition, there are links to guidance on specific bars, as well as current observations of conditions. This is a timely reminder, given the recent loss of the F/V Pacific Miner and miraculous rescue of its crew. It seems that every year there are vessel casualties on PNW bars and all too often, lives lost. Get the information you need for planning a safe bar crossing.

SARSAT System Saved 421 Lives in 2019

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration maintains a network of satellites called SARSAT, that helps forecasters track weather systems and wildfires. Those same satellites were critical in helping to save 421 lives in the U.S. and surrounding waters according to a recent press release. Emergency radio beacons, like EPIRBs, PLBs, and ELTs transmit a distress signal to SARSAT satellites. The satellites pass that information and the approximate position of the beacon to ground stations that in turn, inform the Coast Guard and other search and rescue agencies. These devices have been a game changer when it comes to search and rescue operations. A traditional mayday call transmitted

Call for Speakers: 2020 Alaska Governor’s Safety & Health Conference

The Alaska Safety Advisory Council has put out a call for speakers at the 2020 Alaska Governor’s Safety & Health Conference in Anchorage on April 7 & 8, 2020. This state conference provides a forum for relevant safety, health and environmental information to be shared with Alaskan workers, managers, business owners, and government employees representing many industries. This is your chance to share process improvements, successful programs, and lessons learned that pertain to safety and health in the Alaskan workplace with industry leaders and safety professionals. For more information, click here for an application packet.

Winter is Off to a Rough Start

This winter has gotten off to a rough start when it comes to commercial fishing vessel casualties. On December 31, two crew survived and five perished when the F/V Scandies Rose capsized and sank near Sutwik Island in the Gulf of Alaska. One week later, the F/V Papa's Girl sank in Pamlico Sound, North Carolina. Two crew were rescued and two perished. This past Tuesday, the F/V Pappy's Pride collided in fog with the 600-foot chemical tanker, Bow Fortune, in Galveston, TX. Two crew were rescued by a good samaritan vessel, although one later died in hospital. The Coast Guard has suspended the search for the two missing crew. That’s three boats and ten lives lost since the first of the year and

Safety in Alaska's Crab Fisheries

It's probably fair to say that the New Year's Eve sinking of the F/V Scandies Rose and loss of five crew has shaken folks up in the fishing industry in Alaska. The Anchorage Daily News published an article today, examining how the safety culture has changed within the industry after a decades long push by regulators to improve safety. ADN quotes Alaska U.S. Coast Guard Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Coordinator, Scott Wilwert, “There was a time in the ’70s and ’80s where, I think, even the fishermen would tell you that there was a mentality, that ‘you have to go out but you don’t have to come back’ kind of thing...That just doesn’t exist, nobody thinks that way anymore.” That's all for t

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