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Coast Guard Urges Mariners to Inspect Immersion Suit Zippers

UPDATE 03/30/2018: We asked Scott Wilwert, the lead Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Examiner for U.S.C.G. District 17, for some clarification on this Marine Safety Update. In particular, we were interested in the brand of the suit, so people will know if they have suits that may have this defect. The Coast Guard is not yet ready to release the manufacturer and model of the suit involved. Their engineers are still analyzing the suits and the Coast Guard is in discussion with a European certification organization regarding this suit. It appears that these suits were on a foreign vessel and may not be in U.S. distribution. I wish we knew more, but that's the information available at this time.

"My Life Vest Saved Me"

“I absolutely thought I was a goner then out of nowhere my life vests went into action and I just like floated me right up to the surface as fast as it could and I'm like, ‘This is amazing,' that it took over and when I got to the surface to hear those words, ‘Man Overboard!’ I knew I had a chance.” Those are the words of commercial fisherman, Stan Jones, in the video above. In November of 2011, Stan was setting Dungeness crab pots with his son, Rocky, when he fell overboard. Fortunately, Stan had the forethought to put on his life vest before going out on deck. He credits his life vest and the training he and Rocky received in an AMSEA drill conductor workshop with saving his life. Earlier

Make 2018 the Year You Become a Marine Safety Instructor

Are you a person that is safety-oriented, likes to share your knowledge with others, and motivated to help save lives? Have you ever attended a marine safety workshop and thought to yourself, "Wow, I'd like to teach that?" If so, we want you to join our network of Marine Safety Instructors, by attending our Marine Safety Instructor Training (MSIT), April 24-29, 2018, in Seward, Alaska. The MSIT is AMSEA's U.S. Coast Guard-accepted, six-day, intensive "train-the-trainer" workshop. The program is designed to train you to effectively teach cold-water survival procedures, marine safety equipment, and onboard safety drills. The course is designed for those wanting to teach cold-water safety and s

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