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UFA Asks Alaska DMV to Delay Implementation of Derelict Vessels Act

Back on June 11, we wrote about the Alaska's new Derelict Vessels Act. In brief, the Act requires that all vessels operating in Alaska waters be registered with the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles, including vessels carrying U.S. Coast Guard documentation. Undocumented vessels without a title are required to apply for a title, as well. Since then, United Fishermen of Alaska has written to Department of Administration, requesting that the DMV delay implementation of the Act until June 2020. UFA is concerned that to many boat owners are unaware of the new requirements and that local DMV offices are unprepared for the volume of traffic the new registration requirements will generate. UFA be

Training That Makes a Difference

We often hear from commercial fishermen and other mariners how their marine safety training has made a difference in their safety practices or during an emergency at sea. We recently sent a survey to folks that had completed an AMSEA Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor course in the past two years. In the survey we asked several questions related to how the training they received impacted their safety practices onboard. Of the 150 responses we received, 91% told us that they had made changes to their safety practices as a result of their training. Truly, knowledge is power and when we know that there are practical steps we can take to improve safety, most of us will make efforts in that direction

Feedback Wanted from Commercial Fishing Captains

The Northeast Center for Occupational Health and Safety, in partnership with John Hopkins University and UMass Amherst, is studying how fishing vessel operators use mobile apps to help with safety issues and they're willing to pay commercial fishing captains up to $100 to participate. Participants will complete one or two questionnaires about their fishing experience, safety concerns, and use of mobile apps. Some participants will be asked to try a specific mobile app. Each questionnaire takes about 30 minutes. Participants will receive a $50 gift card for each questionnaire completed. Eligible participants are commercial fishing vessel captains fluent in English, who fish with a crew, and w

New Alaska Registration Requirement to Combat Derelict Boat Epidemic

On the first of the year, operating boats and barges in Alaska got a little more complicated. That’s when SB 92, the Derelict Vessels Act, took effect. Intended to combat the increasing number of derelict vessels in Alaska’s harbors and waterways, the Derelict Vessels Act requires the owners of most vessels operating in Alaskan waters to register their vessels with the state Department of Motor Vehicles. The new registration requirement will make it easier to locate the owners of abandoned vessels. Any boat operating in Alaskan waters more than 90 days per year and any barge operating more than 60 days per year, must register with the DMV. The registration requirement applies to documented v

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