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Two Scenarios for Man Overboard Recovery

Commercial fishermen put a lot of effort into preventing vessel disasters. From routine vessel maintenance, to navigation electronics, to life raft repacking, all are aimed at preventing or surviving a vessel disaster. However, according to NIOSH, falls overboard are the second leading cause of fatal work-related injury in commercial fishing. In some fisheries, commercial fishermen are just as likely to die from falling overboard as from a vessel disaster. How should you respond if one of your crew falls overboard? That depends on whether you can see the victim or not. Man Overboard is in Sight It’s extremely important to keep the person in the water in sight. Point directly at the victim wi

AMSEA Lifesaver Awards

There are so many people in the AMSEA network who deserve to be honored for their work in marine safety, but at this time we wish to honor two women in different parts of the U.S., who have had a long history of providing access and direct training to mariners and future mariners: Sara Fisken and Marian Allen. Marian Allen Marian began as a volunteer, then worked at AMSEA in the 1980s, when our office opened in Sitka. She volunteered to manage our growing inventory of training gear and to maintain and repair immersion suits, PFDs and life rafts, sometimes at her own expense. She soon became involved teaching AMSEA’s Mariner’s First Aid and training marine safety skills to children. With a de

DGPS Goes the Way of the Dodo

You may need to be a navigation nerd to enjoy this, but if that's you, read on! Yesterday, the U.S. Coast Guard switched off their last Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) signals after more than 25 years of service. Improvements to the satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) have made DGPS redundant. Just in case you aren't a navigation nerd and decided to read this anyway, here's what DGPS did and why its no longer needed. In it's early days, the Global Positioning System was not accurate enough to meet many applications, including the Coast Guard's positioning of aids to navigation. The Coast Guard developed its DGPS system to provide a corrected signal with an accuracy

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