Supply Lists for Drill Conductor Classes

This information is all available in your Marine Safety Instructor Manual. To discuss class content and ideas for formatting your class, please call AMSEA at (907) 747-3287 or email the Training Coordinator. For gear related questions, please contact the Gear Manager.

Necessary Paper Supplies

​One per student:

  • Emergency Instruction and Drill Manual

  • Beating the Odds in Northern Waters: A Guide to Commercial Fishing Safety

  • Drill Conductor Cards, 10-Hour or 18-Hour

  • Student Evaluation form

  • Assumption of Risk Waiver form

  • Fee Waiver Application form

  • MAYDAY sticker

One per class:

  • Course Roster

  • Reporting form

  • Skills Checklist

  • Instructor Evaluation form

Optional Books & Brochures
  • U.S. Coast Guard Commercial Fishing Regulation booklets

  • Brochure: Vessel Flooding Control

  • Commercial Fishing Safety Digest

  • Summaries of new U.S. Coast Guard regulations

  • Brochure: Seven Ways to Get Hurt (or Killed) While Commercial Fishing in Alaska

  • Brochure: Your Immersion Suit: How To Maintain It, Leak-test It, Repair It

Classroom Equipment
  • Laptop computer

  • Digital projector & screen

  • DVD drive

  • Speakers

  • Extension cord & power strip

  • Digital camera, scanner, or copier to capture copies of student photo IDs

  • Laminator, paper holder, and laminating sheets

Suggested Video & Audio Recordings to Use as Teaching Aids
  • Rescues at Sea: A guide to Helicopter Rescue & De-Watering Pumps

  • Casualties at Sea

  • Lifesling video

  • Man Overboard: Prevention and Recovery

  • Audio recordings of actual MAYDAY calls

  • Flooding Control: Knowledge & Tools to Prevent Sinking

  • Cold Water Casualty

  • Fishing Vessel Stability: Operational Practices

  • Beating the Odds: Onboard Emergency Drills

  • A Matter of Survival: Life Raft Survival Packs

  • When Seconds Count: The Care and Use of Immersion Suits

  • Beyond Boot Camp USA: Rescue, Recover, Rewarm

  • Cold Water Boot Camp USA

Immersion Suits in Appropriate Sizes for Students & Instructors
  • Adult Small

  • Adult Intermediate

  • Adult Universal

  • Jumbo

  • Ocean Commander

  • Child Universal

  • Infant

PFDs in Appropriate Sizes for Students

Consider including different styles of PFDs depending on the typical needs of your students.

  • Type I

  • Type II

  • Type III

  • Coverall

  • Float Coat

  • Float Coat with Beaver Tail

  • Flotation Rain Bibs

  • Regatta or Stormline Flotation Rain Bibs

  • Manual Inflatable SOSpender

  • Automatic Inflatable SOSpender

  • Hydrostatic Inflatable Mustang

  • Inflatable Rain Coat

  • Stormy Seas Inflatable

  • CO2 Cartridges

Recommended Classroom Teaching Aids & Supplies
  • EPIRB (Inactive demo model)

  • SOLAS-A Life Raft Equipment Pack

  • MAYDAY Scenarios

  • Practice Microphones

  • Plastic Bags for Immersion Suits

  • Zipper Wax

  • Fire Extinguishers (Preferably ABC)

  • Inactive Flares

  • Abandon Ship Kit

  • Life Raft with Line Attached

  • Inflator/Pump

  • Hydrostatic Release and Life Raft Canister

  • Smoke (Fog) Generator

  • Damage Control Kit

  • Flooding Simulation Pipe or Damage Control Trainer

  • Man Overboard Throwable Device

  • Dewatering Pump

  • Helicopter Rescue Equipment

  • Coffee, Tea, and Snacks

Equipment for Onboard Drills
  • Vessel Appropriate to the Course

  • Smoke Generator and Strobe Lights

  • Damage Control Kit

  • Flooding Control Pipe

  • MOB Rescue Device

  • Immersion Suit for the MOB Victim

  • Rope for Rescue Swimmer

  • Life Raft, Inflator Pump, and Shore Power

  • Extension Cord

  • Abandon Ship Kit

  • Inactive Demo Model EPIRB

  • Portable VHF Radio

  • Empty Life Raft Canister with Hydrostatic Release

  • Inactive Fire Extinguisher

Equipment for Firefighting Practice
Equipment for Pool Session
  • Life Raft

  • Inflator/Pump

  • Appropriately Sized Immersion Suit for Each Student

  • Assorted PFDs

Equipment for Flare Demonstration
  • Permits if Required

  • Contact With Local USCG Prior to Demonstration

  • Live Flares & Smokes, Less Than Three Years Expired

  • VHF Radio

  • Phone Numbers for Local Authorities

  • Leather Gloves and Eye Protection

  • Burn Kit

  • Appropriate Site for Fires

  • Permits if Required

  • Phone Numbers of Local Authorities

  • Various Types of Charged Fire Extinguishers: CO2, Sodium Bicarbonate, Dry Chemical, Foam, Water

  • Gasoline/Diesel Mixture

  • Pole and Tape

  • Expired Flares, Less Than 3 Years Expired

  • Metal Fire Pan

  • Water

  • Leather Gloves and Eye Protection

  • Burn Kit



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