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Seeing Freezing Spray and Icing on your Vessel? NOAA Wants to Hear from you!

Freezing spray is an important safety issue in coastal Canadian and United States waters. In an effort to improve freezing spray forecasts, NOAA and Environment Canada are teaming up to evaluate each country’s freezing spray forecast models and tools. Analysis of freezing spray cases, forecaster feedback, and ship observations will allow Environment Canada and NOAA scientists and forecasters to better predict dangerous freezing spray conditions to protect life and property at sea. (See the full brochure here.)

The success of this study depends on you: whenever possible, please report icing conditions to NOAA and Environment Canada.

Send your observations, including as much of the following infmation as possible:

  • Date & Time

  • Latitude & Longitude

  • Icing conditions

  • Air temperature

  • Sea conditions

  • Wind conditions

  • Past Experiences

Send reports online:

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