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Help Keep Training Affordable

If you have ever attended an AMSEA Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor class, the chances are very good that you received your training at no cost or at a reduced cost for tuition. AMSEA has been able to provide free and discounted training to commercial fishermen thanks to a mix of grants and other funding sources over the years.

Last month, we wrote about our new grant award from NIOSH. The grant will provide $325,000* in funding over two years, for AMSEA to provide marine safety training to commercial fishermen. However, AMSEA must match that amount with funds from non-federal sources.

One of the ways we will meet this matching requirement is through class tuition. For years we had a contract with the U.S. Coast Guard to provide free training to commercial fishermen, but that program ended in 2018. In order to provide low-cost training to as many fishermen as possible, we have started charging discounted tuition rates to commercial fishermen for Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor classes. For example, we are offering a discount of $100 to commercial fishermen enrolled in our upcoming class in Eureka, California. The tuition for a non-fisherman is $195.

We want to keep tuition cost as low as possible. You can help us with that by becoming an AMSEA member. Your membership contribution is more important than ever. Membership donations help us to meet our grant’s matching requirements and keep tuition costs as low as possible. When you become an AMSEA member you won't be alone. Check out our membership page to see who you'll be joining.

We’re really excited about this new grant. Major objectives of this grant award are providing Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor classes in parts of the country where training is not readily available. In addition, AMSEA will train new instructors in those under-served areas to provide that training. AMSEA will also roll out new U.S. Coast Guard-accepted marine safety classes, partner with high schools to jumpstart marine safety training for new fishermen, and continue to train commercial fishermen in ergonomic injury prevention. Why not become an AMSEA member or renew your membership today?

We know that AMSEA’s Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor training saves lives, because commercial fishermen have told us.

"I took my first AMSEA class in 2009, and in the winter of 2012, survived a sinking during the winter dive harvest fishery. My AMSEA training absolutely contributed to the survival of my shipmates and me."

Mariah Warren Ketchikan, Alaska

"We had a pump break and began to flood the engine room. My crew was able to retrieve the life raft, EPRIB, and survival suits, while I began to dewater the boat. We were also dropped a pump from the Coast Guard and we used it to assist us." Chad Osborne Marblehead, Massachusetts

We think stories like these are important and they motivate us to continue providing marine safety training to as many mariners as possible. Please join us in that effort. Click the button below and become a member of AMSEA or renew your membership today.

*If you look up the grant award online, you’ll see that AMSEA received a $650,000/2-year grant award. However, due to the peculiarities of federal accounting, the required 50% match is rolled into the grant award total.

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