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3 New Safety Videos on the AMSEA Website...

Become the most prepared mariner you can be. Keep yourself, community, and waters as safe as possible! AMSEA has published three new instructional videos on the website. Each of these videos are less than 10 minutes, and will give you a thorough overview of flares and drowning prevention.

Debunk common misconceptions about drowning in a Float Test Myth Buster video. Learn about different types of flares, length of burn times, properties, and distance they can be seen from in the Signal Flare Types video. And then double down with another video about flares, and learn about how to deploy them, when to deploy, and how to reduce risk while doing so in How to Operate Signal Flares.

To find more information on both drowning prevention and flares, visit the "Student Resources" section of the AMSEA website. Click below if you want to learn more about operating flares, types of flares, and drowning prevention.

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