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COVID-19 Catcher & Tender Vessel Procedures

Discovery Health MD has just released onboard procedures for catcher boats and tenders to prevent the transmission of coronavirus when the salmon season get underway in the coming months. The procedures, a product of their collaboration with Alaska fishermen and fisheries groups, include a draft procedures manual, a draft checklist for captains, a number of handouts for crew education, and a notice from the State of Alaska on the use of cloth masks during air travel. Click the links below to download these documents. In addition, Discovery Health MD forwarded an email from Tom Koloski at the Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management with the following information: "While the State of Alaska is developing further guidance regarding face masks, please direct all of your crew members and plant workers in transit via passenger air (chartered or commercial) to wear a cloth face covering. This face covering should be worn while transiting air terminals (to be temporarily removed for security screening), while on the plane, and any follow-on ground transportation until they reach their self-quarantine facility (bunkhouse, vessel or private lodging). "This guidance is not a State Mandate yet, but air carriers may deny individuals from boarding without a face covering, and local authorities may not allow disembarking passengers to transit the community without one. "Please monitor for further official guidance." We will post additional information as it becomes available. Draft COVID-19 Catcher and Tender Vessel Procedures (PDF) Draft Checklist for Captains (Excel File) Bleach as Disinfectant - WA Sate (PDF) Cough Hygiene (PDF) Donning and Doffing PPE (PDF)

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