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Fishing Vessel Stability Class in Seattle on March 3!

F/V Bold Contender Sinks Off the Oregon Coast
F/V Bold Contender Sinks Off the Oregon Coast

High profile losses of crab vessels in Alaska's Bering Sea crab fishery have grabbed the headlines in recent years. However, commercial fishing boats are lost to stability issues every year and on every coast. Many commercial fishermen don't know that while not yet in regulation, the 2010 Coast Guard Authorization Act mandates training on vessel stability for "the individual in charge of the vessel."

To help fishermen develop a better understanding of the effects of loading, weather, design, and other factors affecting vessel stability, AMSEA has partnered with NPFVOA to bring a Fishing Vessel Stability class to Seattle on March 3, 2022. Funding for this class is provided by NIOSH and the U.S. Coast Guard. Topics to be covered include:

  • Basic Terminology of Stability

  • Owner Responsibilities & Requirements

  • What are Stability, Buoyancy, and Gravity?

  • Vessel Stability: How Does it Work?

  • Stability Risks

  • Seamanship

  • Risk Factors for Different Fisheries and Operations

  • How to Calculate, Evaluate, and Display Your Vessel’s Stability

  • How Stability Guidance is Created

The cost for the class is $175 for NPFVOA members and $200 for non-members. Contact NPFVOA at 206-285-3383 for additional information and registration.


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