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AMSEA'S mission:

Reduce injury and death in the marine and freshwater environment through education and training provided by a network of qualified marine safety instructors.

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October 29, 2014.

Drill Conductor & Other Upcoming Courses:

10/31-11/1.........Kodiak, AK - DC
11/4-5.................Garibaldi, OR - DC***
11/6....................Sitka, AK - DC
11/6....................Kemah, TX - DC*****
11/6....................Gloucester, MA - Basic Safety**
11/6-7.................Astoria, OR - DC***
11/7....................Gloucester, MA - DC**
11/8....................Brownsville, TX - DC*****
11/11..................Cape May, NJ - DC****
11/12-13.............Westport, WA - DC******
11/13-14.............Charleston, OR - DC***
11/14..................Ketchikan, AK - DC
11/14-15.............Valdez, AK - DC
11/15-16.............Anchorage, AK - DC*
11/22..................Juneau, AK - DC
12/5....................Ventura, CA - DC
12/9....................Sitka, AK - DC
12/10..................Sitka, AK - Vessel Stability
12/10..................Pensacola, FL - DC*****
12/13..................Juneau, AK - DC
1/17....................Juneau, AK - DC
2/21......................Juneau, AK - DC
3/21....................Juneau, AK - DC
4/14-19...............Seward, AK - MSIT
4/20....................Seward, AK - DC
4/25....................St. Paul, AK - DC
4/25....................Juneau, AK - DC

Call us at 907-747-3287 or Register online - Click Here!

*Anchorage Courses - to register, please call the UAA Continuing Education Department at (907) 786-6790 or register online at

**Massachussetts Courses - register online at or call 1-888-282-8816.
NOTE - Completion of the Basic Safety Course within the last year is required to attend the DC course.

***Oregon Courses - to register call Curt Farrell at (503) 240-9373.

****New Jersey Course - to register contact John O'Leary at (401)742-0423 or

*****Kemah, Texas - to register call Bruce Dyleski at (228) 493-7651.

******Westport, WA - to register contact Steve Harbell at
(360) 249-2007 or

October 27, 2014.

AMSEA Director will Present Talks at Pacific Marine Expo

Pacific Marine Expo is only a few weeks away! AMSEA Director, Jerry Dzugan, will be giving a couple talks you won't want to miss! Check out "Strains, Sprains & Pains: Ergonomics for Mariners" on Wed, 11/19 from 1:30-2:30 and "Why Smart People Do Dumb Things: What Scientists Tell Us About Risk Taking" on Friday, 11/21 from 1:30-2:30. See you there!

October 20, 2014.

USCG Dockside Exams Required by
October 16, 2015

Exams are not required now, but must be completed prior to Oct 15, 2015 for all commercial fishing vessels that operate beyond 3 miles off shore. Although you are not required to get an exam right now, your vessel is required to have all of the required equipment on board. Click here for more information.

October 9, 2014.

USCG Air Station Sitka to Host Open House

On October 18, 2014, Sitka will mark the 146th anniversary of the transfer of the Russian claim of Alaska to the United States of America. 

The community of Sitka commemorates this event each year during its Alaska Day Festival.

To commemorate this event, Air Station Sitka will be hosting our traditional Open House on Saturday, October 11, 2014, from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

Want more info? Check out the Alaska Day Festival page!

October 2, 2014.

New Edition of Beating the Odds Available!

AMSEA has new and updated versions of Beating the Odds available for purchase. This guide to commercial fishing vessel safety covers weather, fatigue, person overboard, onboard fires, first aid and survival equipment in an easy to read format. The 7th edition also includes new information to make the book applicable to both warm and cold climates. Available in paperback or downloadable PDF. Purchase here!

September 17, 2014.

XTRATUF Donates $10,000 to AMSEA!

Last month, at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, XTRATUF teamed up with Country singer, Brett Eldredge, to contribute $10,000 to AMSEA's mission! Thank you XTRATUF! Read more here!

Brett Eldredge (left) and Sean O'Brien, XTRATUF's Director of Footwear (right), present AMSEA Board Members, Jennifer Lincoln and Paula Cullenberg with a generous donation to help support AMSEA's training efforts to reduce injuries and save lives of fishermen. (Photo credit: Mark Dunn).

September 10, 2014.

Marine Safety Instructor Training in Sitka! Open for Registration!

AMSEA's Train-the-Trainer course, Marine Safety Instructor Training (MSIT) is being offered in Sitka from 9/30-10/5. Sign up at least 10 days prior to the class and save $250 on course registration fee! Early bird registration deadline is September 19! Register online now!

September 10, 2014.

Online Class for Youth Educators
*Class is Full as of 9/12/14*

AMSEA's Instructor Training for Youth Educators, Surviving Outdoor Adventures - Teaching Cold Water Safety and Survival, is being offered in partnership with the University of Alaska Southeast. The course begins 9/24 and runs approximately 13 weeks.

The course is ENTIRELY ONLINE!!! Take it from anywhere!

The course provides teachers and other youth educators with the information they need to teach children and young adults to play and work safely in the outdoors and around cold water.

AMSEA's extensive activity based K-12 curriculum includes:
• cold water
• small boat and land safety & survival
• hypothermia
• PFD's
• ice safety & rescue
• risk assessment.

There are no classroom lectures for this course. Study when it fits your schedule. Access course materials, participate in class discussion forums, and complete exercises & scheduled assignments online.
Receive two 593 credits through UAS Sitka towards continuing education requirements for educators.

Cost: $260 Course Fee / $60 Books Fee
Registration Deadline: 9/17

Registration is a 2 part process. To register:

1) Call AMSEA at 907-747-3287, pay half the course fee ($130) and the $60 book fee, AND

2) Call UAS at 907-747-7700, follow their instructions for registration, pay the other half of the course fee ($130).

August 18, 2014.

AMSEA's Summer Newsletter

May 28, 2014.

Live to Be Salty: New Campaign Promotes Commercial Fishermen to wear PFDs

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has produced a media campaign, Live to Be Salty, to promote the wearing of PFDs in commercial fishing and AMSEA is one of the partners in getting the word out. Posters, bumper stickers and other promo materials can be downloaded for free at

Consider putting up a poster in your boat to remind crew to wear their PFDs.

*According to NIOSH, between 2000 and 2012, 188 commercial fishermen died due to falling overboard and none of the fishermen were wearing PFDs.

April 23, 2014.

NorCal Classes Coming in October!

AMSEA Instructor, Beverly Noll, will be teaching classes in Crescent City, Eureka, Fort Bragg and Bodega Bay. Stay tuned for dates or call us for more information!

March 23, 2014.

AMSEA's Spring Newsletter is Here!

January 2, 2014.

NOAA – nautical chart development & distribution

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) seeks comments on planned changes to the printing and distribution of nautical charts, including digital charts. Through 22 January 2014, NOAA is providing free digital chart image files in PDF file format. Digital charts are also available as NOAA-certified Print-on-Demand charts. NOAA is providing high-resolution (400 DPI) raster navigational charts of selected areas for public testing and evaluation. An online seamless viewer of NOAA’s electronic navigation charts is also available. Comments should be submitted by 3 February. 79 Fed. Reg. 112 (January 2, 2014).

(*Info Courtesy Bryant’s Maritime Blog – 2 January 2014)

December 23, 2013.


Come on down to SteamDot Coffee & Espresso Lab in Anchorage on Dec. 27th from 3-5pm and meet FVdrills & SCraMP developer, Leigh McCue-Weil. Leigh will be showing fishermen how to use the apps and to get feedback to improve future releases.

SteamDot is located @ 10950 O'Malley, Suite E.

FVdrills and SCraMP are free marine safety apps developed for iPhones and iPads. FVdrills is an emergency drill checklist developed in conjunction with AMSEA that meets the US Coast Guard requirements for fishing vessel emergency drills. The app is a mobile presentation of the drills in the book, Beating the Odds in Northern Waters.

SCraMP utilizes the accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors of an iPhone or iPad to measure, record, and display the vessel’s roll, pitch, and yaw over time. This data is combined with information input by the user and is used to monitor the vessel’s stability. A graphic display provides metrics showing changes in a vessel’s response to sea-state and loading that can help a captain evaluate the vessel’s stability under current conditions. As Leigh said in a recentinterview on Alaska Fish Radio, “The captain has years of judgment that have been honed to their vessel and to the situations they’re in. I am just trying to help them make wise decisions.”

Questions? Call us at 907-747-3287.

December 22, 2013.

AMSEA Online Class for Educators

Course: Cold Wter Safety and Survival - Educator's Workshop
Format: Online through UAS
Dates: Jan. 22-May 2, 2014
Register: Before Jan. 15 by calling AMSEA at 907-747-3287
Cost: $320 (includes tuition and books)

This 15 week course is offered online through the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS). It provides teachers and other youth educators with the information they need to teach children and young adults to play and work safely in the outdoors and around cold water.
AMSEA's extensive activity based K-12 curriculum includes:
• cold water
• small boat and land safety & survival
• hypothermia
• PFD's
• ice safety & rescue
• risk assessment.

There are no classroom lectures for this course. Study when it fits your schedule. Access course materials, participate in class discussion forums, and complete exercises & scheduled assignments online.
Receive two 593 credits through UAS Sitka towards continuing education requirements for educators.

Questions? Call us at 907-747-3287.

December 9, 2013.

Drill Conductor & Other Upcoming Courses:

12/14-15.............Anchorage, AK - DC*
12/21..................Cancelled - Homer, AK - DC
12/27-28.............Kodiak, AK - DC
1/9......................Bellingham, WA - DC
1/11-12...............Anchorage, AK - DC*
1/18-19...............Anchorage, AK - DC*
1/22-5/2..............Online - Cold-Water Safety & Survival
2/8-9..................Anchorage, AK - DC*
2/15-16..............Seward, AK - DC
3/1-2..................Anchorage, AK - DC*
4/1-6..................Seward, AK - MSIT
4/5-6..................Anchorage, AK - DC*
4/7.....................Seward, AK - DC
4/16-17..............Sitka, AK - DC
5/17-18..............Anchorage, AK - DC*

Call us at 907-747-3287 or Register online - Click Here!

*Anchorage classes - to register, please call the UAA Continuing Education Department at (907) 786-6790 or register online at


November 12, 2013.

AMSEA's Fall Newsletter is here!

November 6, 2013.

Instructor Training Coming to Bristol Bay!
December 2-7

With support from BBEDC, SAVEC and BBNA, AMSEA is bringing a Marine Safety Instructor Training to King Salmon, AK.

This intensive, 48-hour, train-the-trainer workshop will train students in marine survival equipment and emergency procedures relevant to commercial fishing. It is tailored expressly for individuals who will work with commercial fishermen and their vessels.

To be eligible to be accepted for this workshop,
the applicant should be:

1. In a position to train commercial fishermen in safety, and

2. Experienced in the commercial fishing industry.

*Scholarships are available for individuals meeting these criteria who are from any of the 17 BBEDC villages. Other support may be available for villages in Bristol Bay outside of BBEDC coverage.

Applications for this workshop are available from SAVEC by contacting Annette Wilson or Myra Ambrose at (907) 246-4600, or by emailing or For questions about the course content contact AMSEA at 907-747-3287 or email Hope Merritt at

Updated August 21, 2013.

Looking for an AMSEA Course?

Please visit our Course Calendar for a complete list of upcoming Drill Conductor and other courses.
Call us at 907-747-3287 or Register Online.

*Anchorage classes - to register, please call the UAA Continuing Education Department at (907) 786-6790 or register at UAOnline.

July 31, 2013.

AMSEA's Summer Newsletter is here!

Updated July 16, 2013.

Drill Conductor & Other Upcoming Courses:

7/26................Atlantic City, NJ - DC
7/28................Marathon, FL - DC
8/6-7...............Charleston, OR - DC
8/10-11...........Anchorage, AK - DC*
8/27................Steinhatchee, FL - DC
9/7..................Naples, FL - DC
10/15-21.........Sitka, AK - MSIT
10/19-20.........Anchorage, AK - DC*
11/16-17.........Anchorage, AK - DC*
12/14-15.........Anchorage, AK - DC*
1/11-12...........Anchorage, AK - DC*
2/8-9...............Anchorage, AK - DC*
3/1-2...............Anchorage, AK - DC*
4/5-6...............Anchorage, AK - DC*
4/1-4/6............Seward, AK - MSIT
4/7..................Seward, AK - DC
5/17-18...........Anchorage, AK - DC*

Call us at 907-747-3287 or Register online - Click Here!

*Anchorage classes - to register, please call the UAA Continuing Education Department at (907) 786-6790 or register online at

May 28, 2013

Ergonomics Class in Sitka TONIGHT!

5/28, 6:30-8:30 at Harrigan Centennial Hall

Learn how to improve your ergonomics on your fishing vessel! You will learn ways to reduce injury to your body through more efficient work practices (efficiency = more fish!). Free class for commercial fishermen thanks to a grant from OSHA's Susan Harwood Training Grant Program!

April 29, 2013.

AMSEA's Spring Newsletter is here!


March 19, 2013.

Ergonomics Class in Sitka TONIGHT!

3/19, 6:30-8:30 at Harrigan Centennial Hall

Learn how to improve your ergonomics on your fishing vessel! You will learn ways to reduce injury to your body through more efficient work practices (efficiency = more fish!). Free class for commercial fishermen thanks to a grant from OSHA's Susan Harwood Training Grant Program!

March 8, 2013.

Drill Conductor Course in Anchorage!

UAA Chugiak-Eagle River Campus is offering a class in Anchorage on March 23-24. Contact them at (907) 786-7600 or visit them online -

February 6, 2013.

FVdrills App Now on iTunes!

With the help of developer, Leigh McCue, there's a new app to help you complete your fishing vessel drills! Download it to your phone today!


January 25, 2013

Ergonomics Training in New Bedford, Mass.

Thanks to a Susan Harwood training grant awarded to AMSEA this past fall by OSHA, we are beginning our ergonomics training for instructors and fishermen in New Bedford on Feb. 21. More classes coming soon! Call to sign up today!

January 18, 2013.

Updated Notice from USCG on Mandatory Commercial F/V Safety Exams

Dear Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Owner and Operator:

On August 15, 2012, I issued a letter explaining that after October 15, 2012, all commercial fishing, fish tender and fish processing vessels that operated (or transited) more than 3 nautical miles offshore must demonstrate full compliance with existing fishing industry vessel safety regulations by completing a biennial safety examination. That requirement was one of several mandates established by the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010. The examination requirement applied to State-registered or Federally-documented vessels, to vessels with more than 16 individuals on board operated anywhere, and to fish tender vessels engaged in the Aleutian Trade.

That statutory biennial examination requirement for these vessels has changed...Click to read further.

December 26, 2012

Read AMSEA's latest Newsletter!

December 18, 2012

Upcoming Courses offered in Vietnamese

AMSEA is currently planning up to 9 drill conductor classes to be offered in Vietnamese for the Gulf of Mexico.

Please contact Rick at 907-747-3287 for more information. We will post these classes as we confirm them - the first one is set for January 15 in Delcambre, Louisiana.

December 7, 2012

Upcoming Online Course for Educators!

Interested in teaching cold water safety and survival to youth? Check out this course! Click the image for more info!

November 16, 2012

Register Now for Drill Conductor Courses in Southeast Alaska!


11/28 in Juneau

11/30-12/1 in Ketchikan

Call us at 907-747-3287 or Register online - Click Here!

November 7, 2012

Interested in one of our Anchorage Drill Conductor classes?

12/15-16........Anchorage, AK
1/12-13..........Anchorage, AK
3/2-3..............Anchorage, AK
4/6-7..............Anchorage, AK
5/18-19..........Anchorage, AK

To register, please call the UAA Chugiak-Eagle River Campus at (907) 786-7600 or visit them online at

Nov. 1, 2012

Monthly Drill Conductor Courses in Juneau, AK:

Starting November 28, AMSEA will be presenting Drill Conductor courses at the Bill Ray Center in Juneau. The courses will happen once a month on the following dates:

November 28
December 15
January 12
Feburary 9
March 9
April 6
May 4

Oct. 17, 2012

Preparing for your dockside safety exam:

The US Coast Guard District 13 has made available a useful tool to help vessel owners/operators prepare for a dockside exam. Use the following link for more information and the tool itself:

October 5, 2012

Upcoming training available in Nome!

AMSEA is offering a train the trainer course for Surviving Outdoor Adventures - our youth curriculum for cold water safety and survival. Call us for more information or to register! 907-747-3287.

SOA Course

AMSEA in partnership with NACTEC is brining a Drill Conductor class to Nome October 26-27. Call us today to register! 907-747-3287.

Nome DC Class

September 13, 2012


News Release

September 11, 2012

Cancelled: September 12 & 13 F/V Drill Conductor Class in Cape May, NJ

If you have any questions please contact instructor, John O'Leary at 401-742-0423 or by e-mail at

September 6, 2012

Register by September 20th!

Interested in becoming a cold water safety and survival instructor for youth? Check out our online course offered in partnership with the University of Alaska Southeast...

Aug. 16, 2012

USCG Notice on the new Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Examination Requirement

USCG Notice

Aug. 14, 2012

Upcoming training in Sitka!

AMSEA is hosting a Marine Safety Instructor Training and Drill Conductor class. See below for more information or give us a call! Call 907-747-3287.

Sitka MSITSitka DC Class


Aug. 8, 2012

AMSEA Fun At Sitka Seafood Festival

On Saturday, August 11th at the Sitka Seafood Festival in AMSEA's home port, you can take a turn in AMSEA's vessel damage control simulator and test your skill at quickly getting into an immersion suit. There will be prizes for the folks that are fastest at donning the suits!

There will be plenty of other activities as well, including a parade, USCG demonstrations, children's games, cooking contests and much more. Visit the Sitka Seafood Festival website for a schedule of the entire three-day event and watch a video with images of previous years' festivities:


Aug. 3, 2012


Cover of Summer 2012 newsletter

Download the Summer Issue of Marine Safety Update Now!

In this issue you'll find:

  • Teaching for AMSEA in the Alaska Bush
  • AMSEA Staff Changes
  • EPIRB & PLB Use
  • Dive Operation Safety
  • FV Liting Gear Overload Hazard
  • NIOSH to Evaluate Alternate Compliance and Safety Agreement
  • And more...




Updated Aug. 3, 2012

NEW DATES! Boating Without the Boys Class Scheduled for Cordova, AK in August

Boating Without the Boys incorporates the same information as Basic Boating Safety, in a supportive, women-only classroom. It is intended to give women the confidence and skills to take a small vessel out on their own, or to be able to handle a vessel in the case of an emergency where the primary operator needs assistance.

Class meets on Saturday, Aug. 25 from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM and continues on Sunday morning, Aug. 26 from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM. It is being offered by the University of Alaska Marine Advisory Program in cooperation with AMSEA. Cost is $20.00.

This course is intended for women who are new, inexperienced boaters, experienced individuals who are new to boating in Alaska, and those who have in the past relied on the boating skills of male companions.

Learn more about AMSEA's Boating Without the Boys course.

Register online or register by phone at 907-424-7542.

Updated Aug. 3, 2012

FV Drill Conductor Training Scheduled For Late Summer & Fall 2012

This training provides practical information on the survival equipment found on most commercial vessels and on conducting emergency onboard drills. Skills are learned in a hands-on format.

It meets the training requirements for commercial fishermen operating on documented vessels beyond the Boundary Line. Everyone who successfully completes these courses is issued a Drill Conductor Card that serves as proof of compliance with USCG training requirements.

The following courses are currently scheduled:

August 14 – Narragansett, RI
August 28 – Narragansett, RI
Sept. 6 & 7 (2-day class) – Astoria, OR
Sept. 11 – Narragansett, RI
Sept. 24 – Sitka, AK
October 4 & 5 (2-day class) – Crescent City, CA
October 8 & 9 (2-day class) – Eureka, CA
October 11 & 12 (2-day class) –Bodega Bay, CA
October 15 & 16 (2-day class) – Half Moon Bay, CA
October 18 & 19 (2-day class) – Morro Bay, CA

The fees for these classes vary by location. Register online for any course listed above. You will be contacted regarding payment required, if any.



July 26, 2012

Three Opportunities To Take Part In AMSEA's Premier Train-the-Trainer Course This Fall

Sitka, Alaska: September 18 – 23, 2012

Seattle, Washington: October 8 – 13, 2012

Newport Beach, California: November 12 - 17, 2012

Marine Safety Instructor Training and Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Instructor Training are two slightly different versions of an intensive 48-hour, six to six and one half day program designed to train individuals to effectively teach cold water survival procedures, marine safety equipment and onboard safety drills.

The Marine Safety Instructor Training sessions are designed for persons wanting to teach cold-water safety and survival in a variety of settings – for private businesses or government agencies, for recreational boaters, in schools, etc.

Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Instructor Training is tailored expressly for individuals who will work with commercial fishermen and their vessels.

Learn more or register to attend.


July 5, 2012

NOAA Provides Information For Fishermen & Others Regarding Tsunami Debris

NOAA has created a web site and a brochure to help mariners who encounter debris from the 2011 Japan tsunami in the water or along the U.S.'s Pacific coast. Visit the NOAA's Japan Tsunami Debris web site to learn about handling and reporting debris, possible dangers and more.

You may also download their Tsunami Debris Reporting brochure here:

Tsunami Debris Reporting Adobe PDF icon 1.6 MB


July 2, 2012

New On the "Educational Materials To Download" Page

USCG Alert 02-12 Safety Alert: Overloaded Lifting Gear on Fishing Vessels

Safety alert issued June 20, 2012 regarding catastrophic failures of masts, booms, and lift cables have occurred on purse seine fishing vessels resulting in loss of life and severe injuries.

Image of USCG Alert 02-12


June 19, 2012

NIOSH Director Cites Value of AMSEA Training

In an article entitled NIOSH to Fishermen: ‘Put one on, take the class, shut the door’ published in the Wed., June 13 issue of National Fisherman Online, NIOSH's Alaska Pacific Regional office director and AMSEA advisory board member Jennifer Lincoln affirms of the value of AMSEA training for commercial fishermen. She also emphasizes the importance of wearing PFDs while on deck and of shutting the doors on fishing vessels. “So often open doors lead to down-flooding,” she said.

Read the entire article NIOSH to Fishermen: ‘Put one on, take the class, shut the door’

June 13, 2012

See AMSEA Trainers In Action!

New! Get a taste of AMSEA training thanks to YouTube. On our Course Descriptions page you will now find videos from various news media showing footage of courses as they happened with interviews from participants & instructors.



Posted May 10, 2012

Workshop Developed Specifically for Gold Divers and Dredgers in the Nome Area


Posted May 9, 2012

Spring 2012 Issue of Marine Safety Update!

Cover of Spring 2012 news

A brand-new edition of AMSEA's quarterly newsletter Marine Safety Update is available to download now right here!

Articles you'll find inside:

  • AMSEA and MCAF Promote Clean Fishing Grounds
  • Don't Depend On Label For Good Immersion Suit Fit
  • Your Questions Answered Regarding FV Safety Training Requirements
  • Membership Dollars Are Critical To AMSEA!
  • Fishing Industry Worker satisfaction With PFDs
  • Alaskan Fisheries Granted Infant Immersion Suit Exemption
  • And more...


Posted May 3, 2012

FREE Basic Commercial Fishing Safety Training in Gloucester, MA

Free, hands-on basic safety training, sponsored by the Massachusetts Fishing Partnership, will be offered in Gloucester, MA on June 22. Topics to be covered include:

  • Fire Fighting Man-Overboard Procedures
  • Flood & Pump Operation
  • Use of Flares & EPIRBS
  • Don Immersion Suits and enter Life Raft
  • Deploy Life Raft

Lunch will be provided and there's a FREE raffle fora pair of floating bibs!

Find a printable flyer and a downloadable registration form online at or call Liz Leal at 508-979-1616, extension108 or contact instructor Rodney Avila at 508-889-0401 or via email.

Gloucester June 2012


Posted May 2, 2012

For the Bristol Bay Fleet: Safety Training Scheduled For Naknek, Alaska

Fishermen will have four opportunities for FREE Survival Equipment, Procedures and Onboard Drills trainingin Naknek, Alaska in June. These classes will fill up fast! Register online or call AMSEA at 907-747-3287 to sign up now.

Naknek June 2012


Posted April 11, 2012

NEW! AMSEA T-Shirts For the Hottest Weather

Proudly show your support for AMSEA and marine safety by wearing one of our t-shirts or hooded sweatshirts. By request, we've just added white t-shirts to our store alongside our navy blue t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts. Now there is an AMSEA shirt for every climate!

Buy them online from AMSEA's Zazzle store.

White t-shirt with design on backWhite t-shirt design on backWhite t-shirt design on front

AMSEA hoodieAMSEA t-shirt frontAMSEA t-shirt back


April 10, 2012

Your Questions Answered: Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Training Requirements

A document has been developed in consultation with the U.S. Coast Guard Fishing Vessel Safety Division, Washington, DC that answers many of the most frequently asked questions regarding commercial fishing vessel safety training requirements. This document includes questions about current requirements as well as forthcoming requirements included in the Coast Guard Authorization Act, which was was signed into law October 15, 2010.

Click here to download the often asked questions and their answers.


April 5, 2012

AMSEA Named As 2012 Green Business

For the second year in a row, Sitka Global Warming Group and Sustainable Sitka have awarded AMSEA a Platinum level Sitka Green Business Award. This award recognizes businesses based in Sitka that companies that consistently engage in practices such as carpooling. recycling, composting, installing bike racks, re-using items, and energy conservation.

2012 Green Business Award



February 21, 2012

Download the Brand-New Issue of Marine Safety Update!

The Winter 2012 edition of AMSEA's quarterly newsletter Marine Safety Update is available to download now! get yours here!

Winter 2012 newsletter cover page


Updated February 21, 2012

March 2012 AMSEA Train-the-Trainer Course In Tampa, Florida CANCELLED Due To Lack of Enrollment



February 1, 2012

Marine Safety Instructor Training Underway in Nome, Alaska

See photos of AMSEA training taking place right now in Nome, Alaska thanks to Northwestern Alaska Career & Technical Center's postings on FLICKR



Google plus iconJanuary 6, 2012

Now Find AMSEA ON Google+!

As part of our increasing effort to interact with the public, AMSEA now has a Google+ page. If you are a Google+ user, please connect with us!


January 5, 2012

AMSEA & University of Alaska Southeast Partner To Offer Online Training for Teachers

Teaching Cold Water Safety & Survival is offered online this spring through the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS). It is designed to provide teachers and other youth educators with the information they need to teach children and young adults to play and work safely in the outdoors and around cold water. Participants are taken through sample exercises in AMSEA's extensive K-12 curriculum that includes cold water safety and survival, small boat safety and survival and land safety and survival. The course and the full four-volume curriculum itself are online for easy access by individuals across Alaska and beyond.

The course is completed over a 13-week period beginning Feb. 1, 2012.

Total cost of this graduate-level course (Course #ED 593) is $260. This includes $130 paid directly to UAS for 2 university credits. Registration takes place through UAS by calling 907-747-6653 or toll free 800-478-6653. An additional $130 course fee is paid directly to AMSEA. Call us 907-747-3287 for AMSEA payment details.

Registration deadline is 5:00 PM (Alaska time), Thursday, January 26.

Download a printable flyer about this class.

Teaching cold water safety and survival

Learn more about all of AMSEA's training programs for schoolteachers and others who work with children


December 15, 2011


AMSEA's Next Train-the-Trainer Course Scheduled for Nome, Alaska

AMSEA will offer Marine Safety Instructor Training (MSIT) in Nome, Alaska at the Northwestern Alaska Career and Technical Center from January 30 through February 4, 2012. This intensive 48-hour, six-day program is designed to train individuals to effectively teach cold-water survival procedures and marine safety in their communities to subsistence and commercial fisherman, children, and other community members. Cost is $495.00 for AMSEA members $550.00 for non-members. Pre-registration is required.

Thanks to funding from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, the U.S. Coast Guard as well as AMSEA, a limited number of scholarships to help with tuition, food and lodging are available for individuals in Alaska's Norton Sound region who are in a position to provide safety training in their communities.

For more information and to register, see our MSIT information page or call AMSEA at 907-747-3287. You may also download a printable flyer here (700KB PDF)


December 7, 2011


Young Fishermen's Summit To Be Held in Juneau

The 2012 Alaska Young Fishermen's Summit (AYFS) will be held Feb. 13 and 14 in Juneau, AK. This two-day conference provides crucial training and networking opportunities for fishermen entering the business or wishing to take a leadership role in their industry. The event will also take advantage of the Juneau location by introducing participants to the legislative process, and introducing the fish caucus of the legislature to the issues and concerns of Alaska’s emerging fishermen.

Learn more by visiting the conference web page.

Following the conference on Feb. 15, AMSEA will provide a FREE, 1-day, 10-hour commercial fishing vessel drill conductor class.

Register online for this drill conductor training.




November 30, 2011

Marine Safety Myths – Busted!

AMSEA provided a wildly successful seminar about marine safety myths at Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle. Here are the often requested images regarding "universal" immersion suit sizing.

November 1, 2011

Autumn 2011 Issue of Marine Safety Update Is Now Available

The latest issue of AMSEA's Marine Safety Update includes:

  • Recap of AMSEA's Summer 2011 Training Season
  • The Most Visible Color For PFDs and Other Safety Wear
  • 2010 Commercial Fishing Fatality Statistics
  • List of Available Man Overboard Alarms
  • And more...

Download your copy here:



August 4, 2011

Commercial Fishing Vessel Emergency Instructions & Drill Manual Now Available in Vietnamese Edition

Designed by AMSEA to help commercial fishermen meet the emergency instructions and onboard drill requirements as per 46 CFR 28.265. Also widely used by AMSEA-trained instructors when teaching Drill Conductor courses.

Vietnamese language version is now available. Find it on our Downloads Page, or download it right here:

Emergency Instruction & Drill Manual - Vietnamese pdf_icon– 1.6 MB



July 25, 2011

Summer 2011 Issue of Marine Safety Update Is Now Available

The Summer 2011 issue of AMSEA's Marine Safety Update includes:

  • Remembering John Talty
  • Skiffs Are the Most Dangerous Type of Vessel
  • AMSEA Logs Busiest FV Drill Training Season Ever
  • Safety Alerts
  • PFDs and Large Midriffs
  • And more...

Download your copy here:
Marine Safety Update – Summer 2011 Adobe PDF icon 1.6 MB



Main Overboard DVDJuly 18, 2011

Now Available On YouTube – Man Overboard Prevention and Recovery

NIOSH, in cooperation with AMSEA and Alaska Sea Grant, has created this video designed to help crew prevent and respond to man overboard events. It features interviews with fishermen about experiences with falling overboard, and explains how to successfully recover a person in the water.

Watch the video now

Visit the AMSEA Store to learn about free copies on DVD


June 30, 2011

National Fisherman Says "Training Is a Safe Bet"

The following editorial appeared in today's Fish e-news from National Fisherman magazine:

There's a favorite story in my husband's family that his cousin was leaving their grandmother's house with a newly minted driver's license. Grammie said, "Be careful driving home." And the cousin replied, "Don't worry, Grammie. I'm not going to get into an accident!"

We like to giggle at how silly it is for a teenager to believe accidents don't happen unless you allow them to happen. But that attitude is not uncommon among adults, as well. All we can do is hope that when an accident happens, we have the wherewithal to respond quickly, decisively and appropriately.

The deaths of two fishermen in Alaska last week are bringing into focus the importance of safety gear combined with safety training when it comes to accident response.

According to a report from KRBD in Sitka, Wayne Gray and Rex Newlun, residents of Yakutat, were wearing PFDs when their vessel overturned, and one of them had recently completed drill instructor training with the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association in Sitka.

The lone survivor of the incident, Jonathan Pavlik, had also taken the course and was incidentally not wearing a PFD. His survival, however, could well be connected directly with his recent AMSEA training session.

According to Jerry Dzugan, who heads AMSEA and interviews survivors of at-sea accidents, Pavlik did his best to stay out of the cold water and was rescued after a pilot spied him clinging to the bottom-up skiff.

This is where safety training specific to the region you're fishing in becomes critical.

Alaska waters are cold year-round. So AMSEA stresses that PFDs are important but will not alone save you. You must stay out or quickly get out of the water and make sure someone else knows you are in peril.

A man-overboard or abandon-ship situation is often the result of a chain of events. The combination of training and the proper use and stock of safety gear is the best way to ensure that you can perform an effective chain of response to an emergency.

Contact the Coast Guard, AMSEA, or your local vessel owners' association to sign up for safety training.

You can also get a copy of the video "Man Overboard: Prevention and Recovery," produced by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in cooperation with AMSEA and Alaska Sea Grant. Send an email to NIOSH at and refer to the DVD title “Man Overboard Prevention and Recovery” and the NIOSH publication number “2011-126d” in your request.

I wish everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend.
Thank you for your time.
Jessica Hathaway
Editor in chief, National Fisherman





March 22, 2011

AMSEA Helps Provide Valuable Safety Training For Oregon Fishermen

Joseph Maki - OR Fisherman

Joseph Maki, a crewmember aboard fishing vessel Cape Saint James out of Warrenton, OR issues a mock MAYDAY call on the radio during a fire drill. The drill was part of a Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Course offered at no cost to fishermen by Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit (MSU), Portland, OR. USCG photo by Mike Rudolph, MSU Portland Fishing Vessel Safety Examiner


By USCG Petty Officer 3rd Class Nate Littlejohn

ASTORIA, Ore. — The waters of the Pacific Northwest offer some of the most treacherous yet bountiful work opportunities in the world. Dungeness crab fleets hailing from Oregon and Washington state are among the world's elite. The reward for their toils, however, does not come without a price.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the Dungeness crab fishery has had its share of deadly casualties. According to a 2010 study conducted by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), 27 fishermen died while participating in the Dungeness fishery over the past decade. That equates to a rate of 310 deaths per 100,000 workers.

As a comparison, the Bering Sea King Crab fishery in Alaska saw a rate of 260 per 100,000 workers. In 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics identified commercial fishing as the deadliest occupation in the nation at 200 deaths per 100,000 workers. Surviving inevitable risks inherent with crabbing in the Pacific Ocean requires preparation, proper education and a survivor's attitude.

Safety training for fishermen can provide the education piece and a good instructor can help instill the right attitude so a person can think like a survivor. Enter the fishing vessel safety professionals at Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit (MSU) Portland, OR.

Curt Farrell, Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Coordinator for MSU Portland, and Mike Rudolph, Fishing Vessel Safety Examiner, are passionate about safety. When it was discovered that a serious training void existed along the central and southern Oregon Coast for fishermen, the pair sought out specialized training through the Alaska Marine Safety and Education Association to become certified drill instructors.

"The safety training that we have provided over the past 4 years has made the biggest difference in the safety of the fleet than anything else that we do," said Rudolph. "I get very excited when a fisherman comes to me on the dock months later and says the training I provided helped avert a casualty or saved a life."

Rudolph's training efforts recently had a significant impact when the crew of the 66-foot Dungeness crab vessel Michelle Ann experienced a stack fire Dec. 18, outside Yaquina Bay, OR.

"We all were facing potential disaster, but thanks to the methodical and highly structured tactics we learned from the safety class, we were able to take proper actions and avoid harm," said Michelle Ann crewmember Mike Donovan. "No one panicked, we all knew what we had to do and dealt with the issue. No one was hurt."

The Michelle Ann was able to make it safely to port without being towed, was repaired quickly and back out fishing a few days later.

These Commercial Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor Courses, promoted by Oregon Sea Grant, provide practical information on survival equipment found on most commercial vessels and on conducting onboard emergency drills. Skills are learned in a hands-on format.

"The class is very intense," said Farrell. "Students will be putting on immersion suits, jumping into the water, entering a life raft, fighting a fire, stopping leaks and shooting off flares. They will do realistic emergency drills aboard a fishing vessel with artificial smoke."

The Coast Guard, Oregon Sea Grant, and Dungeness crab fishermen will continue to work in conjunction to improve the safety of commercial fishing employment here in the Pacific Northwest.


March 16, 2011

AMSEA Board Member Honored by Alaska State Legislature

Peggy Barry

On February 24, 2011 the 27th Alaska State Legislature formally honored AMSEA Board member Peggy Barry for her 25 years of tireless effort to improve commercial fishing safety.

Peggy's interest in commercial fishing vessel safety was spurred by tragedy when her son Peter drowned in a vessel sinking in Alaska that claimed six lives in 1986.

Peggy and her husband Robert Barry began campaigning U. S. Congress for changes to federal safety regulations immediately after their son's death. Her efforts were in large part responsible for the passage of the Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety Act of 1988.

AMSEA is likewise honored and extremely fortunate to have Peggy serve on its Board of Directors, helping the organization steer the course as it also works to improve safety for commercial fishermen and other mariners.

View the 27th Alaska State Legislature's document honoring Peggy.


February 17, 2011

AMSEA Staff Member Mike Morris Named Alaska Boating Safety Educator of the Year

The Alaska Office of Boating Safety presented its 2010 Boating Safety Educator of the Year award at the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary's District 17 Winter Conference on February 13, 2011. The recipient was Mike Morris, an auxiliary instructor, as well as a state certified Alaska Water Wise instructor, and Alaska Marine Safety Education Association (AMSEA) trainer.

The Alaska Boating Safety Educator of the Year award recognizes outstanding contributions or performance in educating Alaska's boaters from state-wide nominees.

Mike has taught from Prince of Wales Island in SE Alaska to Barrow and NW Alaska, and many places in between. In the last nine years Mr. Morris has taught 186 boating and marine safety workshops.

He has been teaching boating safety since November 2001 for AMSEA and was one of the first Alaska Water Wise instructors trained. He has also been very active in the USCG Auxiliary as a trainer and is head of the Sitka flotilla.

Read the entire story from the Alaska Office of Boating Safety.

Mike Morris

Above, Mike Morris teaches a cold-water safety and survival class for Mt. Edgecumbe High School students in Sitka, AK.


December 14, 2010

Download a Quick Summary Of Pending FV Safety Regulations

On September 30, Congress passed the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010. Included in the Act are new provisions that will affect fishing vessel safety. Although the Act is not yet signed into law, the U.S. Coast has compiled a summary of the forthcoming regulations, which we have available to download here:

Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010 (P.L. 111-281)
New Requirements for Commercial Fishing Industry Vessels