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Opioid Overdose Emergency Response Kits

The physical, emotional, and mental stress of commercial fishing puts fishermen at a higher risk of opioid misuse, addiction, and overdose than workers in many other occupations. If you are an Alaska commercial fisherman who struggles with opioid addiction or if you know a fisherman who is, these resources can help save a life.

Opioid Overdose Emergency Response Boxes/Dry Bags and Training Available in Alaska

Naloxone is a medication that can quickly reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. Naloxone, easily delivered in a nasal spray, knocks opioids and heroin off the brain’s opioid receptors, reversing the effects of the opioid and allowing the person to breathe again. Narcan and Kloxxado are two brands of naloxone nasal spray medication.

Project Gabe Opioid Overdose Emergency Response Kits are made specifically for fishermen and water workers in Alaska. Each emergency box or dry bag includes FOUR doses of naloxone nasal spray (Narcan®) that are easy to use, can stop an opioid overdose, and can save lives. There are FOUR doses of naloxone nasal spray included in each Mountable Opioid Overdose Emergency Box or Dry Bag. Each box or dry bag are registered to your fishing vessel or industry. With registration, free renewable opioid antagonist nasal sprays and PPE are mailed upon request directly to your address on the registration form.  


To Participate in Project Gabe & register your commercial fishing vessel or business to receive free opioid emergency boxes or dry bags and tailored naloxone training click the link above and fill out the form. 

Interested parties will receive: 

  • tailored safety presentation for their staff on opioid risks 

  • training on how to use naloxone in an overdose emergency 

  • receive red mountable metal opioid emergency box(es) or dry bag(s) which contains:

  • Opioid antagonist nasal spray (NARCAN or Kloxxado)

  • Sharps disposal tubes

  • Emergency response equipment (gloves, face shield)

  • Information on opioid misuse and treatment resources

Industries and businesses are encouraged to mount the box with their other lifesaving equipment such as the AED, CPR masks, First Aid Kits, and fire extinguishers. 

If you are in Sitka, AK, please visit AMSEA at 2924 Halibut Point Rd. to pick up a kit.

 For more information, please email: 

If you have an AK address, but do NOT intend to use naloxone for working on the water, follow the instructions below to receive a personal kit (two doses of naloxone) from Project Hope:



These free Project Hope kits are available to anyone 18 and older and that has an Alaska-based address. If you are in Sitka, AK, please visit AMSEA at 2924 Halibut Point Rd. to pick up a kit. For more information, please visit,

Opioid Response Educational Resources

How to Recognize an Opioid Overdose:

Do you suspect an opioid overdose? Look for:

  • Eyes have tiny, constricted pupils? 

  • Unresponsive? Rub their sternum with your knuckles. If they don’t react, they are unresponsive.

  • Shallow breathing?​

Then quickly administer NARCAN! The only side effects of NARCAN are withdrawal symptoms from the opioid they took.​

Commercial fishing is a difficult occupation. Fishermen frequently endure:

  • Long hours;

  • Backbreaking work;

  • Injuries;

  • Musculoskeletal disorders;

  • Chronic pain;

  • Lack of sleep;

  • Social isolation;

  • Separation from friends and loved-ones. 


These factors all increase the potential use of prescription pain medications and the risk of opioid addiction. As hard as it is to talk about addiction to your captains or crew, it could be life-saving.

If you suspect opioid addiction on your vessel, don’t turn a blind eye. Talk about it. Know the symptoms, carry Narcan® on the boat and learn how to use it.


Substance Use Resources:

  • National helpline 1-800-662-4357

  • NAMI in Alaska- Alcohol Drug helpline    800-821-4357

  • Alaska Addiction Hotline 888-340-4035 (24/7)

  • Never Use Alone- 877-696-1996 Overdose Prevention Lifeline/ Facebook

  • Alaska 2-1-1 Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services. Call center hours:  Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

  • For more information about opioids in Alaska go to 

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