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Marine Safety Training for Business

AMSEA provides custom marine safety training solutions for corporate clients, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

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Call (907) 747-3287 to arrange training for your oranization.

Marine Safety Training for Corporations and Agencies

AMSEA offers custom courses for businesses, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations whose employees spend time out in the field and in or around cold water.  Our courses provide hands-on training designed to meet your specific needs.


Courses range from short workshops to week-long courses. We can work with you to build a custom course to meet your needs.


Examples of Courses:

  • Onboard Emergency Drills for Commercial Fishermen

  • Basic Cold-Water Safety & Survival

  • Emergency Procedures for Recreational Boaters

  • Safety and Survival for Research Vessel Staff

  • Vessel safety for oil spill response personnel

  • Cold-Water Safety & Survival for Search & Rescue Personnel

  • Shore Survival for Children and/or Adults.

  • Coastal Navigation


Some of the Topics Available:

  • Use of PFDs and Immersion Suits

  • Deployment and Use of Life Rafts

  • Sea & Shore Survival

  • Distress Signals

  • Cold-Water Survival Skills

  • Helicopter Rescue

  • Hypothermia Prevention & Treatment

  • Firefighting

  • Flooding and Damage Control

  • Abandon Ship Procedures

  • Water Search and Rescue

  • Boating Safety

  • Vessel Stability

  • Coastal Navigation

  • Onboard Emergency Drills

  • Risk Assessment

  • Methods of Instruction

  • Ergonomics

  • Ice Safety and More!

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