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AMSEA Training is Effective

Commercial fishermen often tell us how AMSEA training has changed their safety practices and been put to use in actual emergencies at sea.

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What Fishermen Say About AMSEA Training

"The training I received...was absolutely critical to the positive outcome we had that night...we knew what to do, without having to think about what to do, before doing it."

Frank Gee

F/V Ocean Gale

San Francisco, California

"It was like we were on automatic...Everybody knew what to do and just did it."

Seamus Hayden

F/V Clyde

Kodiak, Alaska

"I took my first AMSEA class in 2009, and in the winter of 2012, survived a sinking during the winter dive harvest fishery. My AMSEA training absolutely contributed to the survival of my shipmates and me."

Mariah Warren

Ketchikan, Alaska

"My crew and I go over safety drills every thirty days, like we were taught. I have a much better survival kit and easy and quick access to it, thanks to the class."

Ron Surrency

Jacksonville, Florida

"We had a fire onboard after unloading our catch at the dock. We were able to extinguish the blaze with minimal damage and zero injuries."


Burras, Louisiana

"My fishing partner hit a Khaz Bay and put a decent sized hole in his fiberglass boat. It took us about six hours to stem the flood and patch the hole...Eventually the Coast Guard managed to respond and hovered above until we had it under control, but had we not been self-sufficient in the first place, he would have sunk before they could have helped out. An experience like that really shines a spotlight on the value of the AMSEA training."

Ian Seward

Haines, Alaska

"We had a pump break and began to flood the engine room. My crew was able to retrieve the life raft, EPRIB, and survival suits, while I began to dewater the boat. We were also dropped a pump from the Coast Guard and we used it to assist us."

Chad Osborne

Marblehead, Massachusetts

"We are effectively performing monthly drills with, confidence and maintaining the safety gear better."

John Eiserich

Crescent City, California

"Our response to an electrical fire went very quick and everyone knew what to do."

Joe Schmitt

Joyce, Washington

"Our steering went out coming up the beach. We instantly had our EPIRB and survival suits out. The Coast Guard towed us in and no one was hurt."

John Davis

Arcata, California

"There was a fire in the engine room and everyone knew what they needed to do."

Kiva McCarthy

Kodiak, Alaska

"I wear a PFD everyday that I'm working on the boat."

Shannon Eldredge

Chatham, Massachusetts

"We have been able to conduct surprise drills as opposed to making an appointment with a drill conductor on a specific date and time. I believe the element of surprise helps to keep the crew on the ready."


Ed Agni III

Marshfield, Massachusets

"We were running low on fuel because a storm front set us off we called in a mayday as a precaution...we made it on fumes, but we declared an emergency long before we would have before taking the AMSEA class."

Michael Longiny

Wasilla, Alaska

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