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Marine Safety Training for Recreational & Subsitence Boaters

Learn skills needed for boating safely on coastal and inland waters and responding to emergencies on the water.

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Topics in this class may include:


  • Float plans

  • Boating trip risk assessment

  • Reading the weather

  • Essential items for every boating trip

  • Handling an outboard engine malfunction

  • Retrieving someone who falls overboard

  • Types of PFDs and their uses

  • Cold water survival skills

  • How to use a VHF radio

  • How to make a proper Mayday call

  • Types of emergency signals, including flares, and their proper use


Additional topics can be added depending upon the needs of your group.

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Basic Boating Safety

For boaters operating small power, wind and paddle-powered vessels on near-shore coastal waters and lakes. It is designed for new, inexperienced boaters as well as for more experienced individuals who are new to boating in Alaska.  The course length varies, as this basic course can be tailored to the needs and desires of groups such as teenage boaters, hunters who boat in winter conditions, kayakers, etc.

8-Hour Mariner's First Aid & CPR

The Mariner's First Aid and CPR course meets USCG regulatory requirements. Candidates completing the course receive a certification card that is valid for two years.


This course differs significantly from the typical urban-based courses. It is geared toward assessing and treating patients in the prolonged care, delayed evacuation, hazardous settings often encountered for those working at sea.


The course utilizes a hands-on, scenario based teaching approach with an emphasis on improvised medical gear that can commonly be found onboard a vessel. In the end, students will be able to better assess what is serious and what's not serious in regards to their patient and to further identify those patients that require an urgent evacuation and those that do not.

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