Beating the Odds: Onboard Emergency Drills

Prudent mariners take nothing for granted. They prepare for emergencies by conducting frequent emergency drills. Beating the Odds: Onboard Emergency Drills demonstrates not only what is required for U.S. commercial fishing vessel drills, but also how to conduct drills and what to look for in post-drill debriefings.

Fishing Vessel Stability

Stability problems account for 35% of vessel losses. The lives of operators and crew depend on the stability of the vessels in which they go to sea.
This film outlines the nine factors that affect the operational stability of small fishing boats and suggests procedures that can enhance stability. Footage of real fishing vessel capsizings, the use of models, and survivor interviews illustrate the potentially tragic results of vessel stability problems. This film is useful for anyone who operates or works on a fishing vessel or any small workboat.

Man Overboard Prevention and Recovery

This is a safety awareness video designed to help crew members be more aware of how to prevent and respond to man overboard events. It features interviews with fishermen about experiences with falling overboard, and explains how to successfully recover a person in the water. The video also highlights different equipment that is available such as man overboard alarms and various rescue devices.

Flooding Control

Fifty percent of the vessels lost at sea sink because of uncontrolled flooding. Knowing how to control flooding can potentially save your vessel, your catch, and the lives of you and your crew. Footage of actual patching and plugging graphically illustrates the knowledge of and tools that fishermen and other vessel operators need to control flooding. This film is useful for anyone who operates or works on any type of vessel.

When Seconds Count: Care and Use of Immersion Suits

Cold water and unpredictable seas can quickly turn any boat trip int a life-threatening emergency. Without adequate protection, survival time can be measured in minutes. Cold is any water colder than 70° F. Immersion suits provide the flotation and thermal protection a person's life may depend upon in a cold-water emergency. However, immersion suits only offer protection when cared for and used properly.

A Matter of Survival: Life Raft Survival Packs

A Matter of Survival: Life Raft Packs, explains and demonstrates the proper use of the contents of your life raft's coastal, SOLAS B, or SOLAS A survival equipment pack. This video also shows how a raft's survival equipment can be upgraded by moving to a higher grade pack or by having additional, personally selected items added. Through dramatizations and interviews with survivors, survival equipment pack contents are explored, according to the priorities of the Seven Steps of Survival: Recognition; Inventory; Shelter; Signals; Water; Food; and Play.

Rescues at Sea: A Guide to Helicopter Rescues & Dewatering Pumps

Rescues at Sea: A Guide to Helicopter Rescues & Dewatering Pumps, explains and demonstrates the procedures involved when the U.S. Coast Guard responds with a helicopter to a vessel in distress. This video is valuable to all boaters, commercial and non-commercial and is especially useful to those who operate in waters where help from surface search and rescue vessels is unavailable.

It Could Have Been Prevented

Lessons in cold-water boating safety are demonstrated in a dramatic fictional story about a family traveling upriver to a salmon camp. Topics covered include planning; weather; float plans; stability; personal flotation devices; boater's hypnosis; effects of alcohol; risks of drowning; and cold water.

Defensive Diving

Defensive Diving: What Every Tender Should Know About Dive Harvest Safety, introduces dive tenders to vessel safety, basic dive operations, and dive emergencies. It is an invaluable tool for commercial dive harvesters and other divers who want their onboard tenders to be able to respond quickly and appropriately to an emergency, be it an air compressor failure, a vessel problem, or an urgent medical situation.

Anatomy of a SAR Case: EPIRBs

Coast Guard Lt. Daniel Dunn and Petty Officer 1st Class Travis Unser, watchstanders with the Fifth District command center in Portsmouth, Virginia, and Lt. Tyler Monez, an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter pilot at Air Station Elizabeth City, North Carolina, discuss the importance of emergency position indicating radio beacons, Dec. 20, 2018. The Coast Guard responded to over 700 false EPIRB alerts in 2018 and urges all beacon owners to properly register their devices with NOAA. (U.S. Coast Guard video by Petty Officer 2nd Class Corinne Zilnicki/Released)

Marine Safety Videos

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