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Marine Safety Training for Educators & Youth Leaders

Bring AMSEA's K-12 curriculum, Surviving Outdoor Adventures, to your classroom or youth group.

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Marine Safety Training for Educators & Youth Leaders

The course focuses on implementing AMSEA's four-volume, Surviving Outdoor Adventures, curriculum for use with children grades K-12, in the classroom, pool, open water, and other settings. This training provides educators with information, skills, and lesson plans to bring marine safety training into the classroom or to youth activity groups. Read our blog post, Cold-Water Safety Training Helps Alaska Teen Survive, to learn how this training can impact the life of a young person.


Topics include:

  • Cold-Water Safety & Survival

  • Outdoor Preparedness

  • Hypothermia

  • 7 Steps to Survival

  • PFDs

  • Immersion Suits

  • Rescue Techniques

  • Navigation


  • Emergency Signals

  • Emergency Shelter Building

  • Land Survival

  • Local Food Harvesting

  • Risk Assessment & Management for Hands on Activities

Course length: 32 hours (4 days)

Cost: $664

Credit: For an additional $90, two 593 continuing education credits through the University of Alaska Southeast

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