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AMSEA Staff & Board of Directors


Jerry Dzugan

Executive Director


Katy Pendell

Promotions/Publications Manager

Ashley Green.JPG

Ashley Green

Training/Course  Coordinator

Mike Morris

SEAK Schools Coordinator

Jeff Pearson

Office/Promotions Manager

Leann Fay Halibut_edited.jpg

Leann Fay Ph.D.


Board of Directors

Julie Matweyou, Chair
Julie is a commercial fisher and an Alaska Sea Grant agent for Kodiak, Alaska. She has been an AMSEA instructor since 2012 and has provided marine safety training to hundreds of commercial fishermen.
Term expires: January 2024

James Swift, Vice Chair

James is a commercial fishermen who fishes out of Sitka. He has fished commercially since 1971, and is a past president of the Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association.

Term expires: January 2024

Treasurer - Casey Mapes

Casey, based out of Yakutat, AK has over 50 years of fishing experience. He is a former mayor of Yakutat and has served on many boards over the years, including ATA and Fish and Game advisory board. He is currently serving the community as the Yakutat Fire Chief. 

Term expires: January 2025


Fred Mattera

Fred was a commercial fisherman for 40 years out of Point Judith, RI. He is the Executive Director of the Commercial Fisheries Center of Rhode Island. In assition, Fred is President of “The Point Club” a mutual insurance club and Director for a global marine insurance underwriter, Sunderland Marine Insurance Co. from England.

Term expires: January 2023


Malcolm Wright

Malcolm is a long time resident of Dillingham, Alaska. He has commercial fished and he represents the Bristol Bay region on the AMSEA board.

Term expires: January 2024


Katie Knifong, Secretary

Term expires: January 2024

Advisory Board

Ted Teske

National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH)


Mike Folkerts

17th District, USCG

Mike is the Recreational Boating Safety Specialist for the U.S. Coast Guard in Alaska. He is also active in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.


Joe McCullough

Alaska Office of Boating Safety


Hillary Strayer

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC)

Hillary is the Senior Injury Prevention Specialist for the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) Injury Prevention Program in Anchorage. She leads injury prevention courses and provides data analysis, risk assessments, and technical assistance to Tribal Health Organizations and partners.  Her activities have included working with whaling communities in northern Alaska to pilot test white float coats, and promoting float coat use in rural communities.


Scott Wilwert

17th District, USCG

Scott is the Fishing Vessel Safety Coordinator for U.S. Coast Guard District 17.

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