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Family Boating


November 18, 2023


8:00 AM to 5:00 PM





$125.00 for Everyone


Katy Pendell


Family boating teaches the skills and confidence required to operate a small vessel or to assist in an emergency.  The workshop is designed for families who go out on the water together. We will cover basic marine safety, navigation, knot tying, reading the weather, and emergency signals. This will be a hands on ALL DAY class. Make sure that everyone on board knows the basics of marine safety! The course length varies, as this basic course can be tailored to the needs and desires of groups such as teenage boaters, hunters who boat in winter conditions, kayakers, etc.

Topics in this class may include:

  • Float plans

  • Boating trip risk assessment

  • Reading the weather and navigational charts

  • Essential items for every boating trip

  • Handling an outboard engine malfunction

  • Retrieving someone who falls overboard

  • Types of PFDs and their uses

  • Cold water survival skills

  • How to use a VHF radio

  • How to make a proper Mayday call

  • Types of emergency signals, including flares, and their proper use

  • Tying knots and docking techniques

Additional topics can be added depending upon the needs of your group.

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