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Family Boating


April 12-13, 2024


Day 1: 5:00pm to 7:00pm, Day 2: 9:00am to 3:00pm





$100 for families up to 3, $25 for each additional child (Children 8 and above)


Alison Dunlap, Katy Pendell


Raise your children with a love for the water and a healthy awareness for the inherent risk. This class is designed to build confidence on and around the water. Learn from lifelong mariner's Alison and Katy tricks and techniques for opening discussion, preparing for a trip, and building bonds through marine adventures. What kids should know about marine safety, and what parents should know about taking kids out on the water with them.

Topics in this class may include:

  • Float plans

  • Boating trip risk assessment

  • Reading the weather and navigational charts

  • Essential items for every boating trip

  • Handling an outboard engine malfunction

  • Retrieving someone who falls overboard

  • Types of PFDs and their uses

  • Cold water survival skills

  • How to use a VHF radio

  • How to make a proper Mayday call

  • Types of emergency signals, including flares, and their proper use

  • Tying knots and docking techniques

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