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Marine Safety Booklets & Manuals

Educational materials from AMSEA and other sources.

Marine Safety Booklets & Manuals

The booklets and manuals below are available to read online and for download.

Voluntary Safety Initiatives and Good Marine Practices for Commercial Fishing Industry Vessels is a set of best-practices for the operation for commercial fishing vessels. Released in 2017, "[T]he safety measures and practices contained in this document are to be focused primarily toward vessels 50 feet or greater in length, operating beyond three nautical miles from shore, and that are more than 25 years of age. However, these safety initiatives and good marine practices should be considered for ALL commercial fishing vessels where reasonable and practicable."

Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Digest -  The Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Digest brings together all the federal regulations applicable to the operation of uninspected commercial fishing vessels in one location and in an easy to read and understand format. First published by the USCG in 1978, the 2008 edition of the Digest is newly revised by AMSEA in cooperation with the USCG and Richard Hiscock, author of the original Digest. Updated in 2009.

The Digest of valuable to anyone associated with the U.S. commercial fishing industry including individual fishermen, fleet operators, instructors/trainers, equipment providers, USCG personnel, and others involved with the industry. Hard copies are available to purchase from the AMSEA Store.

Emergency Instruction & Drill Manual - Designed by AMSEA to help commercial fishermen meet the emergency instructions and onboard drill requirements as per 46 CFR 28.265 and for use in teaching Drill Conductor courses. Hard copies are available to purchase from the AMSEA Store.

Emergency Instruction & Drill Manual - Vietnamese Language Edition

Federal Requirements For Commercial Fishing Industry Vessels – This 40-page booklet, published the the U.S. Coast Guard, outlines the regulations applicable to the operation of commercial fishing vessels. This pamphlet is a concise, handy document with essential regulatory information for vessel owners and operators.

Quick Reference: Abbreviated Guide to Navigation Rules of the Road – This simplified overview of navigation rules of the road is not intended to substitute for the complete Navigation Rules International – Inland, but to serve as a handy reference to refresh one's memory. Hard copies are available to purchase from the AMSEA Store. For the full rules go here: USCG Navigation Rules Online.

Your Immersion Suit: How To Maintain It, Leak-test It, Repair It - This two-sided, 8.5" by 14" brochure provides a quick guide to keeping neoprene immersion suits performing optimally between inspections and repairs at an authorized repair facility.  It outlines regular inspection and maintenance, how to test for leaks, and do-it-yourself repairs for small leaks.

Vessel Flooding Control – A quick reference guide to emergency vessel flooding control along with suggested flooding control kit contents.

Boating & Fishing With Children in Alaska - Tips from parents who commercially fish with their children aboard, Alaskans who travel, hunt and recreate on the water with their children, and AMSEA staff. Information about outfitting vessels with children in mind, PFDs and other safety concerns, and ideas for keeping children entertained while afloat.

7 Ways to Get Hurt or Killed While Commercial Fishing in Alaska and Ideas from Fishermen on How to Prevent Them – Good ideas from real fishermen on how to prevent the most common causes of injuries and deaths at sea, including strains/sprains, machinery injuries, falls, cuts and punctures.

Responding to Dive Emergencies in Alaska - Covers Alaska-specific diving challenges, an overview of preparing for a safe boat trip in Alaska, emergency contacts, and State of Alaska emergency treatment guidelines summary for severe hypothermia and dive emergencies.

Fishing, Fatigue, and CEMS - Published by the U.S. Coast Guard, this brochure describes the risks associated with the lack of sleep and makes recommendations for managing those risks through CEMS (Crew Endurance Management System) principles.

Companion Student Workbook to the Outdoor Survival Instructor Manual - This is the companion student workbook to the AMSEA's Surviving Outdoor Adventures instructor manuals. The four-volume series of instructor manuals are available for purchase in the AMSEA Store.

Clean Boating for Alaskans - This booklet helps you think about how you can minimize your boat's environmental impact. It has ideas on how you can—immediately and in the future—operate your boat more efficiently, and more environmentally responsibly, on Alaska’s waters. The publication is a collaboration of the Alaska Marine Conservation Council, the National Park Service, and the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program.

Trashing Your Livelihood: Marine Debris Education for Commercial Fishermen - Produced with support from the Marine Conservation Alliance Foundation, this 12-page curriculum was created  to educate commercial fishermen about safety and economic issues surrounding marine debris. Presented in outline form, the curriculum allows instructors to easily provide a 15- 50 minute presentation on the topic. It is intended for use in conjunction with the PowerPoint presentation, Trashing Your Livelihood.

Trashing Your Livelihood Brochure

Trashing Your Livelihood Poster

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