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Training for Great Lakes Commercial Fishermen

AMSEA Director and Trainer, Jerry Dzugan is in Cleveland, Ohio this week, training commercial fishermen of the Great Lakes Region. The Drill Conductor class teaches fishermen about the survival equipment found on most commercial vessels and how to conduct emergency onboard drills. Topics covered include things like:

  • Fire Fighting

  • Liferafts


  • Immersion Suits & PFDs

  • Flares

  • Emergency Drills

  • Cold Water Survival Skills


AMSEA would like to express our thanks to Nick Duvall and Mike Collet of USCG F/V Safety in Cleveland who arranged the helo, firefighting and liferaft repacker visit. Assistance like this is part of what makes our trainings so effective for students. Thank you!

In the photos below (top to bottom): AMSEA instructor Kim Dietrich demonstrates liferaft righting to Cleveland DC class while USCG F/V examiner Nick Suvak looks on; Holly Szuch puts out the last of the fire on the Bullex fire trainer as Mick Szuch backs her up; and the Drill Conductor class gets a visit from USCG Air Station Detroit's rescue helicopter.


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