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Instructor Training Comes to Maine

Maine MSIT Students

AMSEA recently wrapped up another Marine Safety Instructor Training (MSIT) course; this time in Newcastle, Maine! Veteran instructor and AMSEA staff Training Coordinator, Rick Petersen, led the week long course that trained students in the foundations of teaching marine safety training. AMSEA's MSIT is an intensive, USCG-accepted, 48-hour "train-the-trainer" course. This program is designed to train individuals to effectively teach cold water survival procedures, marine safety equipment and onboard safety drills. The course is designed for those wanting to teach cold-water safety and survival in a variety of settings – for commercial fishermen, private businesses or government agencies, for recreational boaters, in schools, etc.

Topics covered include preparation for emergencies; cold-water survival; land survival; sea survival, equipment, procedures and onboard drills; food and water in a survival situation; cold-water near drowning; hypothermia; methods of instruction; risk assessment and risk management; and cross cultural communication. Our Alaska courses can also contain an overnight exercise.

Our next MSIT will be offered right here, in Sitka, Alaska in September. For more information about instructor training, please visit the Instructor Training page on our website.

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