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Marine Safety Instructor Training in Abbeville, Louisiana

AMSEA recently concluded a six-day Marine Safety Instructor Training (MSIT) in Abbeville, LA. Executive Director, Jerry Dzugan, and instructor, Neil Nickerson, lead the workshop. Attending the training were personnel from Omega Protein, Inc. of Abbeville, the Marine Survival Training Center at Louisiana State University at Lafayette, NOAA fisheries observer program, and the U.S. Coast Guard commercial fishing vessel safety program.

Participants practiced skills related to preparation for emergencies, cold-water near drowning, hypothermia, cold-water survival, survival equipment, procedures & onboard drills, risk assessment, ergonomics, and methods of instruction. Click on the phot gallery to sheck out photos from some of the practice sessions.

We want to thank Omega Protein for classroom space and support, the Marine Survival Training Center for the use of the swimming pool, and the City of Abbeville Fire Department for firefighting training. In particular, we want to thank everyone that attended for their participation, enthusiasm, and help in making the workshop a success.

The MSIT is AMSEA’s intensive, train-the-trainer program that qualifies attendees to successfully teach cold-water safety and survival skills. The MSIT is U.S. Coast Guard accepted for those seeking to teach USCG required drill conductor training to commercial fishermen. The next MSIT is scheduled for April 12-17, 2016 in Seward, Alaska.

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