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AMSEA Trainings in St. George, Alaska

Do you think your community is too remote for AMSEA to conduct training in your town? You will be hard pressed to find a community more remote than St. George, Alaska.

AMSEA instructor, Laura Schneider, will be conducting a Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor workshop and a Children’s Cold-Water Safety & Survival workshop in St. George on April 11 and 12. Located on St. George Island, about 200 miles north of Unalaska in the Bering Sea, the community of about one hundred hearty souls sees three flights weekly, weather permitting.

AMSEA has partnered with the Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association to bring this training to the community of St. George. The Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor workshop will help local fishermen to meet U.S. Coast Guard training requirements.

We are particularly excited to bring Cold-Water Safety & Survival training to the children at the St. George School. Residents typically take to the water in open skiffs for commercial fishing and subsistence harvesting. With a focus on trip preparation, emergency procedures, and cold-water & shore survival skills, the workshop will help to prepare youngsters for potential outdoor emergencies.

Would you like to bring AMSEA training to your community, school, agency, or organization? Our Course & Training Coordinators, Coral Pendell and Rick Petersen, will be happy to discuss your training needs, no matter where you are located!

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