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USCG Issues Safety Alert on Auxiliary Electrical Generator Wiring

Whether a vessel is built for work or pleasure, it’s nearly certain that it will carry an auxiliary electrical generator as soon as the owner can justify the space and expense. With that in mind, the U.S. Coast Guard ‘s recent Safety Alert (02-16) will be of interest to vessel owners and operators that are operating or considering the installation of a genset.

Recently, a towboat suffered a temporary loss of electrical power when the insulation on the primary leads of a diesel-powered generator chafed through, causing a short circuit and tripping a circuit breaker. The chafing occurred where the wires exit the generator housing. The cause was vibration resulting from the operation of the generator. Fortunately, the towboat was able to restore power with a standby generator. The preventative measure is a simple fix and will help keep the current flowing to it’s intended destination. Download Safety Alert 2016 for the details.

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