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Staying "Upright & Watertight"

AMSEA’s Executive Director, Jerry Dzugan, has recently been in New Bedford, Massachusetts to teach a Stability Awareness & Damage Control for Commercial Fishermen workshop. The course was offered by Fishing Partnership Support Services.

In the photo above, students practice making a temporary repair to a broken pipe with epoxy-impregnated fiberglass repair tape. This type of repair tape is commonly available, sets up quickly, and works in wet conditions, even under water. That’s a handy bit of kit to have when the bilge alarm is sounding!

You can learn about this and more at our next Stability & Damage Control class, February 7, in Petersburg, Alaska. Click the link for information and to register.

Be sure to check out all of our upcoming classes in the schedule to the right. If you don’t see a class when and where you need it, register on the Waiting List and we’ll see if can’t put together a class in your port.

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