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OSU Studies Safety Programs at Alaskan Seafood Processing Plants

The Oregon State University (OSU) is researching worker safety programs at seafood processing plants in Alaska. The purpose of the project is to identify strategies for preventing nonfatal injuries and illness in this industry.

Interview questions DO cover:

  • Safety and health program characteristics;

  • Program challenges and successes;

  • Regulatory and economic factors that influence programs

  • Workforce characteristics.

Interview questions DO NOT cover:

  • Specific workers;

  • Examples of occupational injuries or illnesses;

  • Statistics on occupational injury & illness records.

If you are an occupational safety & health manager or director at an Alaskan seafood processing plant, OSU invites you to participate in an interview (by phone or in-person) about your safety programs. Your involvement in the study and your responses will be kept confidential. Click here for information on how to participate.

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