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Change is in the wind - the NWS is switching up their weather broadcasting methods.

Alaskans will no longer be getting the weather through their television programming service.

The National Weather Service just released a statement from their headquarters in Maryland discussing the upcoming changes to the distribution channels of the Alaskan weather.

Since 1976 Alaska Public Media has worked with the National Weather Service to provide 30-minute segments on Alaskan television throughout their viewing region. The partnership helped to get local news to rural communities that may be without access to the internet or other reliable weather sources.

This partnership, however, is ending on July 1st. After July 1st, Alaskans can receive the NOAA weather through the NWS Alaskan YouTube channel,, or by calling 1-855-937-4977. The NWS provides information on daily weather, climate, sea ice, and hydrologic data.

During this transition period, NWS is working with rural and Native Alaskan leadership to understand Alaskans needs and technical capabilities/limitations. NWS will use the input received before July 30th to inform additional changes to NWS services.

The National Weather Service is asking rural Alaskans:

  1. Current sources of weather or climate information that rural Alaskan residents use;

  2. Any additional weather or climate information that is needed but not currently available;

  3. What sources of communication are used to receive weather information;

  4. Suggestions for addressing coverage gaps in rural communities;

  5. The impacts of replacing the television broadcast with a web-based version.

If you are an Alaskan living in rural/remote areas, consider how you are currently accessing the weather and if you can access all the information you need. If you have comments or concerns over this shift, please send your comments to: no later than July 30th.


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