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National Commercial Fishing Safety Advisory Meeting - May 23-25

The Coast Guard’s National Commercial Fishing Safety Advisory meeting is holding its annual meeting on May 23-25th in Norfolk, Virginia.

This year's meeting will be at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott, 235 East Main St., Norfolk, VA 23510. The meetings begin at 8:00 AM and run until 5:00 PM EDT daily. The meetings will NOT be available to stream online.

This meeting is open to the public and includes public comment opportunities. If you have comments that you would like to be discussed or heard, please send them through the Federal eRulemaking Portal at no later than May 18th!

The topics include:

Day 1 - USCG authorization act, USCG District presentations, NIOSH data and projects (including marine safety training efforts), and marine casualty information.

Day 2 - Marine Casualties related to PFDs, Marine Casualties pertaining to Cold Water, and Marine Casualties related to Falls Overboard.

Day 3 - Subcommittee recommendations and committee actions.

Once again, if you have written questions, comments, or supporting documents about these topics, please send them in to be reviewed. The deadline for comments to be submitted is MAY 18th. Get your comments in soon!

More information can be found in the Federal Register/Vol.88, No. 83/Monday, May 1, 2023/Notices.

The National Commercial Fishing Safety Advisory Committee is committed to advising the Department of Homeland Security through the commandant of the USCG on matters relating to the safe operation of commercial fishing industry vessels.


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