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Northern California F/V Drill Conductor Workshops

This is a group photo from our most recent Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor workshop in San Francisco. If you fish in Northern California, you may know some of the folks in this photo. One person you ought to know, if you don't already, is the woman in the front row, Beverly Noll.

When it comes to cold-water safety and survival training, Beverly is in a league of her own. An AMSEA instructor since 1993, she has taught over 1,000 fishermen up and down the California coast how to survive emergencies at sea in AMSEA drill conductor workshops and other classes. We have heard a number of fishermen credit the training they received in her classes with saving their lives and the lives of their crews.

Beverly will be teaching AMSEA 18-Hour Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor workshops in the ports below. Click a link for registration and information!

In addition to her work with the commercial fishing fleet, Beverly has taught cold-water safety and survival skills to nearly 1,700 school children. Thank you Beverly, for your hard work and you passion for teaching survival skills to fishermen and other mariners!

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