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Online Educator's Cold-Water Safety & Survival Course in September

Editor's Note: The photo's in this gallery are from a recent cold-water safety and survival training for third-graders in the Sitka School District. You can give the kids in your classroom or youth group the same kind of training. Thank you to U.S.C.G. Air Station Sitka for assistance with this training!

Children in Alaska spend a lot of time outdoors. Over the past thirty years, AMSEA trained educators across the state have trained thousands of children in outdoor survival skills. You can join them in bringing these life saving skills to your students by taking our online course, Cold-Water Safety & Survival Training for Educators. Offered in partnership with the Sitka Campus of the University of Alaska Southeast, we will be offering this course again during the 2017 fall semester.

This course is designed for educators and others that want to teach children cold-water safety and survival skills. The course instructs educators on AMSEA's K-12 curriculum, Survivng Outdoor Adventures and provides training in:

  • Cold-Water Safety & Survival

  • Outdoor Preparedness

  • Hypothermia

  • 7 Steps to Survival

  • PFDs

  • Immersion Suits

  • Flooding Control

  • Rescue Techniques


  • Emergency Signals

  • Risk Assessment & Management

  • Methods of Instruction

In addition you will come way with lesson plans you can use with your own students. You may also apply for two 593 continuing education credits through the University of Alaska Southeast.

After completion of the course, plus a teaching practicum you will be qualified to checkout safety & survival gear, and other teaching aids from AMSEA's extensive lending library collection. A practicum may be scheduled on an individual basis after the class. Bring cold-water safety and outdoor survival skills to your school or youth group by registering online or calling us (907) 747-3287.

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