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Vessel Stability & Drill Conductor Training at the 2017 Young Fishermen's Summit

Are you attending Alaska Sea Grant’s Young Fishermen’s Summit in Anchorage, December 6-8? We hope so! AMSEA will be there to provide a Fishing Vessel Stability Workshop on December 8, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Instructor Jerry Dzugan will cover:

  • Basic Terminology of Stability

  • Owner Responsibilities & Requirements

  • What are Stability, Buoyancy, and Gravity?

  • Vessel Stability: How Does It Work?

  • Stability Risks

  • Seamanship

  • Damage Control

  • Risk Factors for Different Fisheries and Operations

  • How to Calculate, Evaluate, and Display Your Vessel’s Stability

  • How Stability Guidance is Created

  • The “Roll Test”

The Young Fishermen’s Summit is a great opportunity to network and gain insight from business experts that will help you to succeed at your fishing business. The cost is $125 for all three days. Click here to register online.

Stay an extra day and you can attend a one-day Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor Workshop on December 9, from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM at the Carr Gottstein Academic Center. The workshop is free to commercial fishermen. Register online or call (907) 747-3287. Instructor Joe Chaszar will cover these topics:

  • Cold-Water Survival Skills

  • EPIRBs, Signal Flares, and MAYDAY Calls

  • Man Overboard Recovery

  • Firefighting

  • Flooding and Damage Control

  • Dewatering Pumps

  • Immersion Suits and PFDs

  • Emergency Drills

  • Helicopter Rescue

  • Life Rafts

  • Abandon Ship Procedures

This workshop meets the U.S. Coast Guard training requirements for drill conductors on commercial fishing vessels. The workshop is offered at no cost to commercial fishermen thanks to support from the U.S. Coast Guard, Alaska DCCED, and NIOSH.

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