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AMSEA Training Efforts in FY 2018

With our fiscal year just ended June 30, 2018, preliminary data shows that AMSEA Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor training reached over 979 commercial fishermen in fourteen states. Drill conductor classes were held in 21 fishing ports in Alaska and in another 31 ports scattered across 13 other states had AMSEA Drill Conductor training workshops taught by AMSEA instructors.

In addition, 486 commercial fishermen received other safety training from AMSEA instructors. A big thanks to North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owners Association, Fishing Partnership Support Services, and the 80 AMSEA instructors that provided training around the country this past year.

Thanks also to the Coast Guard Fishing Vessel Safety Coordinators and Fishing Vessel Safety Examiners across the U.S. who add so much value to this training by their attendance and input.

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