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Welcome New AMSEA Instructors!

September 24 – 29, AMSEA held its Marine Safety Instructor Training (MSIT) class in its home port of Sitka, Alaska. We had 10 new instructors coming to the Alaska Public Safety Training Academy from the Makah Tribe of Washington; the states of Washington, Hawaii, and California; Sitka Conservation Society and Allen Marine; in addition to local fishermen.

Agencies included staff from the NOAA Fisheries Observer Program, the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health, the Coast Guard Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety program, and the Sitka Conservation Society. It was the usual diverse group of maritime organizations which makes the MSIT so dynamic and such a learning experience for each of us!

Our next MSIT workshops will take place in:

Go to our website to learn more about the MSIT workshop and much more!

Many thanks to the USCG Air Station Sitka for the SAR tour and dewatering pump demonstration and to the Alaska Public Safety Training Academy for hosting the MSIT. They have supported our training in Sitka for three decades and help make our home port a great place to teach.

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