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Marine Safety Instructor Training in Seattle

Would you like to bring marine safety training to your homeport? Want to help commercial fishermen and other mariners to respond effectively to emergencies at sea? You can join AMSEA’s instructor network by attending our upcoming Marine Safety Instructor Training (MSIT) in Seattle, February 11 to February 16 at the North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owner’s Association (NPFVOA).

If you aren’t already familiar, the MSIT is an intensive train-the-trainer course that prepares individuals to effectively teach cold-water survival skills, the use of marine safety equipment, vessel safety drills, and other skills. Taught by experienced mariners, the course covers preparation for emergencies, cold-water near drowning, hypothermia, cold-water survival, survival equipment, emergency procedures & onboard drills, risk assessment, ergonomics, and methods of instruction.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be prepared to teach AMSEA’s U.S. Coast Guard approved Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor training, pending authorization from the Coast Guard. The cost is $995 and space is limited. Click here to learn more about the upcoming MSIT and to register today.

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