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Ergonomic Training for Seafood Processing Workers

AMSEA is again bringing free ergonomics safety training to workers at seafood processing plants. We have received a Susan Harwood grant from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) to provide this training to employees at U.S. seafood processing plants, at no charge to the employer in 2019. Not sure what ergonomics is about? Think of it as designing jobs, work processes, and tools to to better fit the human body. That way your employees can work more efficiently, more safely, and with less effort.

Since 2013, AMSEA has trained more than 5,000 seafood processors and commercial fishermen how to avoid work-related injuries using ergonomic principles. AMSEA’s ergonomic safety training is effective and well received by workers:

  • 98% of workers recommend the training to others.

  • Testing demonstrates that workers increase their knowledge and skills of ergonomics by 25%.

  • Worker comments include, “will change the way I work with tools and weights…” and “will change the way I use my wrists…”

  • Supervisor comments include, “I can train my employees how to do their jobs safer;”

  • Most seafood processing companies have invited AMSEA back year after year.

Would you like to schedule ergonomic safety training for the seafood processing workers in your plant? Give Emma Edson a call at (907) 747-3287 or click the button below.

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