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Training That Makes a Difference

We often hear from commercial fishermen and other mariners how their marine safety training has made a difference in their safety practices or during an emergency at sea. We recently sent a survey to folks that had completed an AMSEA Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor course in the past two years. In the survey we asked several questions related to how the training they received impacted their safety practices onboard.

Of the 150 responses we received, 91% told us that they had made changes to their safety practices as a result of their training. Truly, knowledge is power and when we know that there are practical steps we can take to improve safety, most of us will make efforts in that direction.

Perhaps more interesting, fully one-third​​ of those that responded to the survey told us that they had used their safety training to prevent or manage an emergency at sea. That's a lot of potential tragedies averted. You can read how some survey respondents put their training to use and the changes they have made to their safety practices on the web page, AMSEA Training is Effective.

To be fair, the received responses don't tell us anything about those that did not respond. Perhaps, those not responding made no changes to their safety practices and not one of them used their training to prevent or manage an emergency at sea.

However, that seems unlikely. Anyone that makes their living at commercial fishing will almost certainly have a close call or experience an emergency at sea in the course of their career. They will certainly know others that have. But, when we know what to do to help tip the odds in our favor, most of us will do it and that's the point of AMSEA marine safety training. If you would like a Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor class or other marine safety training in a port near you, send an email to our Training/Course Coordinator or give us a call at (907) 747-3287.

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