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How to Operate a USCG Dewatering Pump

AMSEA has just published a new instructional video title, How to Operate a P1B Honda Dewatering Pump. This is the dewatering pump the U.S. Coast Guard delivers by air to vessels in distress. It will be familiar to anyone that has had the Coast Guard lower a pump to their boat from a hovering helicopter in the past few years.

But, don't wait until you need one to learn about this import piece of boat and life saving equipment. While the pump is delivered with operating instructions, there are a few tricks you'll want to know to get it operating in a hurry. You definitely won't want to be figuring it out in the dark, when it's blowing, and the bilge water is up to your knees! So watch this video and checkout the rest of AMSEA's training videos at


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