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NEC Needs Alaska Fishermen Volunteers for Sleep Deprivation Study

AMSEA is assisting the Northeast Center for Occupational Health and Safety (NEC) with a study on sleep deprivation among commercial fishermen. The study will look at the impacts of sleep deprivation fishermen's health and risk of injury and death. As part of that study, NEC needs volunteer fishermen to wear a monitoring device, similar to a FitBit, while aboard that will record physical activity and sleep patterns.

Alaska fishermen interested in participating must be interested in research, specific to sleep quality onboard and be making 2-4 day trips, so that data can be uploaded from the device. In addition, they will need to be available for a day or two between trips to do training with the researcher, synch the device with WiFi, and collect home sleep data. If that sounds like you, please contact Jerry Dzugan at AMSEA, (907) 747-3287.


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