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Marine Safety Instructor Training Wrap Up

Over the past week, AMSEA's Training Coordinator, Rick Petersen, has been in Seward, Alaska training the next round of AMSEA Instructor candidates. A big thank you goes out to AVTEC for sharing use of their facility, including their state of the art live-fire trainer. AMSEA's Marine Safety Instructor Training (MSIT) course is a train-the-trainer course in which participants learn how to effectively teach cold water survival procedures, marine safety equipment operation and onboard safety drills. The course is designed for those wanting to teach cold-water safety and survival in a variety of settings – for commercial fishermen, private businesses or government agencies, for recreational boaters, in schools, etc. Our next MSIT courses will take place in Newcastle, Maine from June 1-6 and in Sitka, Alaska from September 22-27. For more information check out the MSIT page on our website.

Seward 2015 MSIT Class

Firefighting training in MSIT

Training with the dewatering pump in the MSIT

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