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Help! I Can’t Find a Class Near Me!

AMSEA’s instructor network reaches every U.S. coast and we try to make classes available when and where they are needed. But, what can you do when we don’t have a class scheduled near you? Why not register on AMSEA’s Course Waiting List?

When you register on the waiting list, you will receive an email from AMSEA about the classes in you want in your area. Plus, waiting list registrations are one of the ways we determine if there is demand for a class in your location. So, if you and your friends are on the waiting list, we’re more likely to hold a class in your town.

Registering on the waiting list is easy. We won’t sell your information or bother you with information that you didn’t ask for. When you have taken the class you wanted, you can always unsubscribe from the list. There’s a link the Course Waiting List below. We hope to see you in a class soon!

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