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The Float Coat Song

In Western Alaska, native peoples have always spent a lot of time on water the water. Whether they're harvesting traditional foods, working in commercial fisheries, or simply getting from place to place, these activities often involve open boats and are far from help in an emergency. Wearing a PFD is an important step in preventing drowning.

The Kingikmiut Singers and Dancers of Anchorage are helping to increase awareness and usage of PFDs to Western Alaska's native communities. With sponsorship from the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and the Alaska Office of Boating Safety, they created the Float Coat Song as a way to help educate young people and others to wearing PFDs.

Click this link, The Float Coat Song, to learn to perform the song . Thank you to AMSEA Advisory Board member, Hillary Strayer, for passing these videos along to us. Hillary is the Senior Injury Prevention Specialist for the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Injury Prevention Program in Anchorage.

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