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Get Marine Safety Instructor Training in Seward

We just finished compiling our training numbers for 2017 and they're pretty impressive. AMSEA trained instructors helped thousands of commercial fishers in Alaska and on every other U.S. coast to get marine safety training last year. We commend every AMSEA instructor who taught this past year for helping to increase safety at sea.

Every instructor has their own reasons for wanting to teach marine safety skills. But, each recognizes that those skills can make the difference in the outcome of an emergency at sea and each has made a commitment to pass those skills on to others.

How about you? Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge and skills with others? Have you ever thought about teaching marine safety?

April 24 to 29, AMSEA will conduct a Marine Safety Instructor Training (MSIT) workshop in Seward, Alaska. The six-day workshop is an intensive, train-the-trainer course designed to give you the skills needed to instruct mariners in marine safety. The MSIT is U.S. Coast-Guard-accepted training for those planning to teach Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor training.

The topics covered include Methods of Marine Safety Instruction; Emergency Procedures; Risk Assessment; How to Conduct Effective Drills; Navigation Regulations; Cold-Water Survival Skills; Man-Overboard Recovery; Firefighting; Life Rafts; Abandon-Ship Procedures; Helicopter-Rescue; Signal Flares, MAYDAY Calls, and Other Emergency Signals; Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs); Flooding Control; Dewatering Pumps; Conducting Safety Orientations; and Cross-Cultural Communication.

It's a busy six days and you can elect to co-teach your first class with experienced instructors in Seward on April 30. We have a limited number of scholarships available for qualifying commercial fishermen. Otherwise the cost is $995 for books & tuition.

It you think that you would like to join the many AMSEA instructors that teach marine safety across Alaska and the U.S., you can get information and register here. If you need more information, please email Emma Edson or call (907) 747-3287.

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