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Rick Petersen, Alaska Boating Educator of the Year

AMSEA Training Coordinator Rick Petersen has been named Boating Educator of the Year for the State of Alaska by the Alaska Boating Safety Office and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). This also put him in competition for the national instructor award.

In his role as AMSEA’s Training Coordinator, Rick made a large impact in our marine safety training program. During his more than 10 years at AMSEA, he led training staff in the coordination of 3,577 classes, almost one class for every day of the calendar year. In addition, he taught over 258 classes in 23 communities across the US for 4,424 mariners.

Rick is an ace instructor. His positive attitude and love of teaching marine and outdoor safety workshops was evident in all of his training. He works well teaching children or older, experienced mariners. Rick is currently employed at Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL).

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