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New Alaska Registration Requirement to Combat Derelict Boat Epidemic

On the first of the year, operating boats and barges in Alaska got a little more complicated. That’s when SB 92, the Derelict Vessels Act, took effect. Intended to combat the increasing number of derelict vessels in Alaska’s harbors and waterways, the Derelict Vessels Act requires the owners of most vessels operating in Alaskan waters to register their vessels with the state Department of Motor Vehicles. The new registration requirement will make it easier to locate the owners of abandoned vessels.

Any boat operating in Alaskan waters more than 90 days per year and any barge operating more than 60 days per year, must register with the DMV. The registration requirement applies to documented vessels, as well as boats registered out of state. The cost is nominal at $24, but it does require a trip to the DMV, as online registration is not available.

The Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles has a web page that explains proof of ownership for registration, vessel exemptions, required forms, and fees. For more information go to

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