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Feedback Wanted from Commercial Fishing Captains

The Northeast Center for Occupational Health and Safety, in partnership with John Hopkins University and UMass Amherst, is studying how fishing vessel operators use mobile apps to help with safety issues and they're willing to pay commercial fishing captains up to $100 to participate.

Participants will complete one or two questionnaires about their fishing experience, safety concerns, and use of mobile apps. Some participants will be asked to try a specific mobile app. Each questionnaire takes about 30 minutes. Participants will receive a $50 gift card for each questionnaire completed.

Eligible participants are commercial fishing vessel captains fluent in English, who fish with a crew, and who have an iPhone, iPad, Ipod Touch, or an Android phone or tablet. Does that sound like you? Call or text NEC at 508-441-4728 or register online

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