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Fishing Safety Success Story: The More You Wear It, The Better Off You Are

Dennis Robillard and his son, Tyler, are New England lobstermen and they know the value of wearing a PFD while on deck. After attending an AMSEA Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor class, taught by Fishing Partnership Support Services, they purchased inflatable life vests to wear while fishing. It wasn’t long after, that Tyler fell overboard while working on deck. Dennis brought the boat around and was able to quickly recover his son. Both men credit Tyler’s PFD with saving his life. Watch the video to get the full story.

We commend Dennis and Tyler for their attention to safe fishing operations and Fishing Partnership Support Services for their commitment to providing marine safety training to commercial fishermen. Thank you NIOSH for producing this video and for supporting safety in commercial fisheries through research and funding for marine safety education for commercial fishermen.

What about you? Are you wearing a PFD when you are on deck? NIOSH has good advice on finding a PFD that will work for your fishing operations.

Have you attended a Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor class? Check out our website, for upcoming classes around the country. Sign up on our Class Waiting List and we will send you an email message when we have a class scheduled in your area.

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